Network Visualizaton Engineer

San Francisco, CA /
Engineering Team /
Front End Development
Deep Discovery is hiring a Network Visualization Engineer with experience building one or more interactive network visualizations with custom controls and interactivity and search experience to lead development of the a state of the art interface for background checks for banks. This is called a Know Your Customer (KYC) system and banks use them to evaluate the risk of doing business with their clients so they don’t face stiff fines from regulatory agencies. We are taking a network-centric approach to KYC that evaluates clients in terms of the context in which they do business and are building a user interface to present this information that is carefully optimized around the information needs of the end-user. Network visualization is used to provide explainability for our model.

Among other uses of data visualization, our UI will use network visualization to present a risk score along with an explanation of how the network around the client contributed to the score. This will enable banks to evaluate clients in terms of the network in which they do business. Before we get to experience the visualization engineer dream of building a (non-creepy) Palantir 2.0, we have to find the right client to display in the first place. In order to do that, we need a front end developer who has experience building user interfaces for information retrieval. The process of filtering and evaluating evidence for KYC checks is inherently iterative and we will need to carefully refine the results in a way that users love.

The ideal candidate has 5+ years of experience as a front end engineer, 3+ years of experience with data visualization or building dashboards and 1+ years of experience building interfaces to a search engine or some form of information retrieval. You don’t have to be a designer but you do need to demonstrate that you’ve built some beautiful things. We want a full partner in refining the interface to be the best ever built in this industry. You don’t have to be a backend developer but you do have to code your own APIs using node.js. You know how to cloud deploy a web app.

Note the use of the words ideal candidate and the reality that not everything in life is ideal but that’s alright if you get the shit done. In other words… don’t hesitate to apply if you don’t check every box.

The ideal candidate will check the following boxes (with a number 2 pencil)

    • Must have experience building one or more network visualization interfaces using javascript with custom controls
    • 5+ years with late model Javascript - the kind that compiles
    • 2+ years of React experience
    • Working knowledge of d3.js or another javascript visualization library
    • Typescript experience
    • A neat personal website
    • A portfolio of visualization work on the web you can share
    • 2+ years of node.js experience
    • A Computer Science degree is a plus but is not required
    • Working knowledge of building web applications on AWS or GCP