Full Stack Engineer

San Francisco, CA /
User Experience Team /
Front End Development
Deep Discovery is hiring a Full Stack Engineer to own the frontend and middleware architecture of the application, to support our data visualization efforts with UX code and to build the middleware software for connecting the user interface for our network-centric risk scoring system to the backend components that provide access to the 1.5 billion node business graph driving the system. We are building a Know Your Customer (KYC) system and banks use them to evaluate the risk of doing business with their clients so they don’t face stiff fines from global regulatory agencies as much as $10 billion each year. Adaptations of this KYC system will also be given away to leading investigative journalists and anti-corruption NGOs around the world to nail crooked politicians to the wall.

This diagram looks familiar to you and you feel able to contribute to it: diagram of the middleware layer connecting our front to backend.

We are building a single page web application that connects through a middleware layer to our backend components:

    • Search engines such as Elasticsearch or a vector search engine to search the graph
    • Graph databases like TigerGraph which provide direct access to our business graph
    • Machine learning APIs serving live predictions such as risk scores that drive the system
    • Application databases like Postgres to store the state of the web application
    • GraphQL engines like Hasura that proxy in between client and server side applications

This is a senior role but as an early team titles are flat. The ideal candidate has the following (ideal does not mean meets minimum requirements):

    • 5+ years of combined experience in full stack engineering, UX engineering, data engineering or software engineering for middleware components
    • 1+ years of experience with data visualization
    • Early stage startup experience
    • A Github portfolio of original contributions to open source - including code contributions and interaction in tickets for the libraries they use.
    • Self-driven and self manage - creates and manages tickets themselves to keep on top of problems and collaborate with others.
    • Identifies problems and presents solutions and trade-offs along with problems.
    • Fully fluent in javascript for node.js, Python and at least one JVM language, preferably Scala
    • Familiar with React, Apollo or similar javascript libraries
    • Comfortable using Typescript for server-side development
    • Ability to compose full stacks including front-end and middleware application frameworks
    • Knows relational databases from top to bottom, especially Postgres.
    • Knows SQL well as well as other query languages.
    • Thinks in fluent GraphQL.
    • Enjoys piping systems together to make a complete system that sings
    • Experience building with distributed systems like key/value stores, column stores, document stores, graph databases
    • Writes unit tests for their code
    • Uses continuous integration to update work in development and production
    • Information retrieval experience including Elastic and vector search