Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA /
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Full Time
Join DeepScribe and be a part of the next technological transition in health care - voice. Our goal is to empower physicians with the tools they need to improve both efficiency and efficacy, and better patient outcomes by increasing the clarity, trust, and understanding they have with their physician. Through AI, we hope to better the bogged-down health care industry and re-think the future of practicing and receiving medicine.

About the role
Our AI-Scribe has recently gone viral in the field of healthcare, leading to hyper-fast growth in every aspect - customer-base, product offering, team, and healthcare footprint.
Product scientist. Experience engineer. Happiness engineer. This role goes by many names, but at its core, you'll be forming the fabric between our customers and the product.

Responsibilities include:
Building up a deep understanding of clinical workflows, pain-points, and how our product is used among our rapidly growing customer base
If there are technical limitations that need solving via code (e.g. a bug, a missing feature, etc.), you’ll build it yourself
Ability to think on your feet, and solve technical problems during calls with customers
Designing key product features based on customer input
Informing engineering priorities based on roadmap and customer feature requests
Managing/building internal tools to supercharge our customer-success team
Create technical content to demonstrate best practices (e.g. sample apps, documentation, videos, etc.)

This is a role we at DeepScribe hold dear to our hearts as it defines the carefully designed customer experience that has caused our product to grow and be relied on by hundreds of providers. It ties directly to our vision of creating a paradigm shift in healthcare and bring the joy back to these clinicians.

What we're looking for:
2+ years of industry experience (internships count) in software engineering/product or a bachelors degree in engineering (new grads welcome)
A generalist: well-versed in backend framework, database, and front-end frameworks
Comfortable interfacing directly with customers and being the bridge between non-technical and technical members of our team
Strong knowledge of SQL, various no-SQL databases, APIs, etc.
Surprisingly efficient: when it comes to delivering product to customers, swift but thorough is key

Bonus points:
Created a product from start → finish (customer discovery, build, deploy)
Knowledge of clinical workflows
A sense of UI and UX design
Experience breaking down problems into micro-services - especially through Docker and Kubernetes