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About DeleteMe

DeleteMe is a rapidly growing SaaS privacy business operating globally and remotely – we are the emerging leader based on customers and revenues in a fast-growing nascent category of consumer and enterprise security Privacy Services.  What we do - our mission - matters because we are restoring a sense of privacy, fairness, and control to personal data in the possession of others.  Easier, simpler, control underpinned by a suite of new data privacy laws being passed worldwide will play a part in greater personal security, freedom, and in stronger democracies in an era where data collection is at unprecedented levels.  This is what our work and brand stand for and we are building a large, sustainable, for-profit business to catalyze this.  We have strong B2C and B2B businesses with respective product offerings informed by feedback from an active customer base growing between 30% and 200% year/year.  DeleteMe is well-capitalized: profitable for the last three years with an 8-figure balance sheet and large-scale venture firms as investors.

As a Senior Software Engineer at DeleteMe, you will be responsible for driving engineering initiatives for the company systems through architecting, designing, and implementing the respective system components with the main focus on the backend services, but also including front-end, DevOps infrastructure, and databases.


Contributing daily to Agile software development in a CI/CD driven, fast-paced environment, this includes hands-on coding, code reviews, operational monitoring of services, deployment processes
Produces scalable and resilient designs, clean code, informative documents
Own features from technical design through completion
Capable of providing on-call support for their area, including systems that they are not their core focus
Research the ways to accommodate the application needs; design, develop and optimize the api, data schema architecture and able to author architecture, technical documents
Maintain company-wide and regional data compliance on the application level
Contribute to the strategic technology decision making process

Ideal Candidate 

A senior individual contributor with 5 years of experience in software development with proficiency in Java, Spring ecosystem, emphasis on cloud native, event-driven solutions, NodeJs is a plus
Databases: MySQL/RDS, NoSql, DynamoDB, MongoDB
Infrastructure: AWS/Azure/GCP, Kubernetes,Terraform
Communicates assumptions and gets clarification on tasks up front to minimize the need for rework
Understands how their work fits into the larger project and identifies the problems with requirements
Subject matter expert in distributed cloud-native systems and data-intensive processingIs capable of getting up to speed with the existing systems and repositories through code analysis and debugging
Makes steady progress without much technical guidance; Is capable of prioritizing tasks
Develop Services with varied degrees of interdependence and rich data interaction
Strong understanding and active positive participation in Agile practices (Scrum/KanBan, Agile estimation) and DevOps philosophy