Software Engineer - Mobile Robots


Roel Overview

At Demiurge, your role will be deploying and learning and control algorithms for mobile robotic platforms (e.g. level-4 autonomous vehicles). 


    • Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve software.
    • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables. 
    • Develop automated unit and stress testing.
    • Developing coding standards and best practices (e.g. unit testing, code reviews, design documentation)
    • Write well architecture, robust and maintainable code using company coding standard.
    • Collaborate with hardware engineers to understand their testing needs.


    • PhD or Masters in computer science, machine learning, robotics, or a related discipline.
    • One or more years of experience working with two or more from the following: web application development, Unix/Linux environments, mobile application development, distributed and parallel systems, machine learning, information retrieval, natural language processing, networking, developing large software systems, and/or security software development.
    • One or more years of experiences with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to:C/C++, C#, Objective C, Python, JavaScript, Java or Go.
    • Capable of working independently and overcoming challenges without supervision while being a team player.

Desired Skills and expreience

    • DL frameworks such as Caffe, Theano, Pylearn 2, Torch.
    • One or more years of experiences with participating in top-tier projects developing level-4 autonomous vehicles with sophisticated arrays of sensors and actuators. 
    • Background in aerospace engineering, robotics, lidar perception, radar signal processing, machine vision, and/or audio processing
    • One or more years of experiences with self-supervised learning.
    • One or more years of experiences with multimodal embedding.
    • One or more years of experiences with deep reinforcement learning.
    • Comfortable with both a logic analyzer and a wrench.
    • Exceptional ability and track record of developing original and unconventional ideas/theories/models/inventions based on rethinking/reinventing the first principles of single or multiple fields.
    • Experience in a regulated, safety critical, or quality managed environment.
    • Extensive experience as a contributor to large open-source frameworks.

Desired personal qualities

    • First-principles-based thinking
    • Extraordinary composure and integrity in face of dire condition
    • Ruthless rationality and candor in the pursuit of knowledge
    • Profound empathy and charitableness in the matter of people
    • Resilience and fearlessness working outside your comfort zone
    • Described by others as the most radical yet humblest researcher / engineer / thinker they know
    • Intellectual breadth
    • Sense of humor