Software Engineer - Deep Learning



    • Develop state-of-the-art deep neural network models capable of self-supervised learning, one-shot learning and online learning deployed on mobile robotic platforms.
    • Deploy and test deep neural networks on video-based benchmark datasets and on autonomous vehicle platforms.  


    • Postdoc or PhD in computer vision, machine learning or robotics, or equivalent industry experience.
    • Proven state-of-the-art theoretical and practical research experience at the intersection of deep learning and neuroscience.
    • Proven programming experience in writing, reviewing and shipping product-level code with C/C++ and scripting languages.
    • Experience with developing perception, learning, navigation or control algorithms in leading autonomous driving projects.  
    • Experience with Machine Learning for 3D object classification.
    • One or more publications in top-tier machine learning and computer vision journals or conferences (e.g. ECCV, ICCV, CVPR, NIPS, ICML, ICLR, PAMI).
    • Participated in TIKKI, ImageNet, TRECVid, DARPA competitions one or more times.
    • Skilled in programming with C/C++ and scripting languages, real-time constraints, hardware interfaces (e.g. Ethernet, UART, SPI, I2C.) and RTOS (real-time operating systems).
    • Able to effectively document and communicate deployment and testing procedure
    • Ability to innovate and apply new automated testing methods
    • Able to work in a fast changing environment with requirements that can change regularly
    • Relevant Matlab/Simulink tool proficiency
    • Capable of working independently and overcoming challenges without supervision while being a team player.

Desired skills and experience

    • Background in computational and experimental neuroscience.
    • Experience with deep reinforcement learning.
    • Comfortable with both a logic analyzer and a wrench.
    • Exceptional ability and track record of developing original and unconventional ideas/theories/models/inventions based on rethinking/reinventing the first principles of single or multiple fields.
    • Extensive experience as a contributor to open-source frameworks.

Desired personal qualities

    • First-principles-based thinking
    • Extraordinary composure and integrity in face of challenges
    • Ruthless rationality and candor in the pursuit of knowledge
    • Profound empathy and charitableness in the matter of people
    • Resilience and fearlessness working outside your comfort zone
    • Described by others as the most radical yet humblest researcher / engineer / thinker they know
    • Intellectual breadth
    • Sense of humor