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To our future Head of Partnerships & Channel Sales,

At Density, we build one of the most advanced people sensing systems in the world. The product and infrastructure is nuanced and one-of-a-kind. Building this product for scale has been an exercise in patience, creativity, remarkable engineering, laser physics, global logistics, and grit. The team is thoughtful, driven, and world-class.

Why Partnerships & Channel is an important role

Our product is being deployed globally by some of the largest companies in the world. For example, we work with a technology company that uses Density to eliminate unauthorized access and tailgating; a hotel that measures their lounges in real-time so they can dynamically staff the area when usage spikes, a leading telecom proactively looking to better design tens of millions of square feet of their office space. We work with banks, government contractors, universities, energy companies, etc.

What these customers have in common is space. Collectively they own, operate, and occupy billions of square feet of corporate real estate. As our profile in the industry has grown, we’ve started to hear from a remarkably long list of potential channel partners. These are some of the world’s largest service and systems providers: security and access control, architects, furniture companies, managed facilities, culinary, energy management, hospitality, etc.

We’ve heard from hundreds of these firms. They’re all looking to partner. Until now, we did not have the resources to give these relationships the focus and support they deserve. However, they are a critical part of our distribution strategy and they require a thoughtful hand to support them.

Read our values here. Story about the company below.

Apply if you have some of the following background:

    • You have enterprise experience identifying, establishing, and growing strategic partnerships with select partners.
    • You have driven joint technology solutions, awareness, pipeline, and revenue from channel.
    • You have fluency in product, sales operations, GTM, post sales, field sales, funnel optimization, and channel pricing and management.
    • You have experience enabling sales teams and evangelizing product.
    • You have personally recruited and retained individuals and teams you would hire more than once.
    • You have worked in connected hardware and enterprise software.
    • You have led marketing, business development, or sales teams in previous roles.
    • You have grown channel programs from scratch to $10M ARR or greater.
    • You enjoy experimentation and know how to implement tooling to measure success or failure.
    • You are unusually creative in establishing relationships with key customers, partners, or channels.
    • You are a clear writer and compelling speaker.
    • You are humble and enthusiastic.
    • You have an expansive personal network.
    • You care about design.
    • You value building diverse teams.
    • You have been responsible for substantially growing revenue.
    • You are a fair, personable, effective negotiator.
    • You measure progress in days and weeks, not weeks and months.
    • When in doubt, you get on a plane.
    • You do not need a large expense account to be effective.
    • You will take out the trash, if that's what the team requires.
    • You are resourceful, direct, helpful, driven, and mission-oriented.
    • When you win, you give credit to the team. When we lose, you take responsibility for missteps in the hopes of being better next time.
    • You're looking for a long-term role with a company that has long-term ambition.
In the early years of the company, before doing what we’ve done, we still needed to build the business and learn from customers. To do so, we did some unorthodox things. Notably, we decided to support customers when our technology was barely ready. We gave them imperfect product knowing full well it would have been easier and less expensive to simply wait for production of our final design.

This is a story of how we support our customers and what we value. It is also a letter to our future Head of Partnerships & Channel Sales.

Early in Density's life, our first customer had knowingly deployed prototype hardware. It was very-prototype. We called them "R56." They were hand-soldered, large, and delicate. They were about the size of two Mac mini's stacked on top of one another. To most people, they were ungainly things. To us they were a remarkable representation of future potential.

After many years of work, it was the first time we were able to accurately count people without invading their privacy. It was also the first time we could show a customer what was possible.

The handful of prototypes we deployed worked so well that our first customer asked to expand sooner than we were able to support. At the time, the final design of our production product wasn't done. Our manufacturing line wasn't operational. We had certifications we needed to work through, calibration issues, algorithm issues, supply chain issues, etc. And that was just the unit. Density is as much a software company as it is a maker of sensors. Our infrastructure is as nuanced as the device itself.

Nevertheless, we still decided to support our customer.

79 units
They had been singularly patient with us but as manufacturing timelines lengthened, we became concerned enthusiasm for working with Density would fall through if we didn't meet expectations quickly. While engineering and operations raced to finish our manufacturing line, our customer-facing team set out to reconfigure the expensive, Mac-mini prototypes into a smaller, temporary solution that would just barely support an initial expansion.

Over 9 weeks, the team ran a parallel, secondary program, hand-building 79 units without distracting engineering or hardware operations' primary plan of record. After weeks of work and a dozen sleepless nights, they had managed to fit the same R56 components into a smaller enclosure and run a one-off batch they knew we would scrap when production product became available.

Completed devices in hand and exhausted, the team flew to our customer and installed 79 units one-by-one, remaining onsite for more than 5 days to ensure the system was stable. These units were dubbed "R60." This program, this approach to work, and the efforts of our customer-facing team led to one of the largest repeat customers we've ever had. They have grown 350% YoY, expanded nationally, and are now outfitting entire buildings with Density product.

Customer focus
Long past are the days of hand-built stand-ins for product but we will still move mountains to support our customers. We invest ourselves in their success. We are honest and transparent. And as long as we have the capacity and cultural imperative, we will outwork their best vendor.

Today, we are hiring someone to lead partnerships and channel sales. We are looking for someone who approaches business relationships with the same humility, thoughtfulness, and long-termism that we have valued since our founding.


The Team at Density