Linux C++ Software Engineer

Remote, USA /
Engineering /
At Density, we build one of the most advanced people sensing systems in the world. The product and infrastructure is nuanced and one-of-a-kind. Building this product for scale has been an exercise in patience, creativity, remarkable engineering, laser physics, global logistics, and grit. The team is thoughtful, driven, and world-class.  

Importance of Engineering  

We build systems that are real-time, accurate, and anonymous by design. Our systems help today’s largest companies understand how their buildings get used. We have counted hundreds of millions of people.  

Counting people in “real-time” is unique and particularly hard to achieve. It allows a user to walk into a room, beneath our sensor, and see the room’s occupancy increment 700ms later.   

We use Linux to accomplish tasks such as pulling and analyzing data, managing over-the-air updates, bi-directional communication, and monitoring the health of the device. Like ET, our devices must all phone home. We're looking for an engineer to help shape the way we accomplish all these tasks.  

This position reports to Density's Director of Software Engineering. 

Here’s What We’re Looking For

    • 5+ years experience with modern C++, Python, and Bash
    • Linux networking experience (ideally on embedded devices). TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP
    • Experience making embedded devices talk to servers with REST apis and websockets
    • Familiarity with systemd, dbus, posix, protobuf, zeromq, and general async IO software development
    • Familiarity with web frameworks such as django or flask
    • Comfortable building, deploying, and debugging software with makefiles, cmake, and the gnu toolchain

Icing on the cake

    • An academic background in Computer Science (BSc or MSc) or equivalent
    • A Github repo or OSS upstream patches
    • Buildroot experience
    • Kubernetes, nomad, terraform