Geospatial Data Engineer

Santa Fe, NM
Geo-spatial data is big data. The fun part is that it is also scientific data. We collect massive amounts of data, every day, from assorted sources of varying quality. We need you to bring new sources online, scientifically calibrate the input, integrate with our cloud-based storage and compute capabilities, and use everything from curl to Kubernetes. Real world knowledge of Python is a must.


    • Keep our data ingest and processing pipelines up-and-running
    • Make our data storage and access faster and more scalable
    • Work with our science team to build a system that allows them to focus on analysis
    • Contribute your own ideas to our machine learning team

Required Skills & Experience

    • Undergraduate degree in a relevant technical area
    • Strong familiarity with Linux systems
    • Real-world software experience in Python is required; experience in other languages is also valuable
    • Proficiency with git and modern distributed version control system practices is required
    • Code examples (preferably on github / bitbucket / etc) are required
    • Familiarity with cloud systems (AWS/Google Cloud) and cloud infrastructure is a plus
    • Experience with high performance or large scale computing infrastructure might be helpful, depending on your attitude toward it
    • Experience with geospatial, planetary, or astronomical datasets is valuable