UI Engineer

Santa Fe, NM
Descartes Labs is trying to better understand our planet by modeling complex systems - such as agriculture - using machine learning and petabytes of satellite imagery.  The implications of Descartes Labs are broad - better understanding global food supply, understanding humanity’s effect on nature, and tracking disasters to name a few.

At Descartes Labs, software engineering is the cornerstone of the emerging data revolution. As part of the Studio Team, you will build web applications that visualize and analyze scientific data. Ultimately, you will join an organization that is pursuing scientific rigor and knowledge to create a more informed world. We welcome engineers who believe in their own capabilities and the cumulative benefit of consistent daily efforts. If you’re ready to generously share your acquired wisdom and are passionate about building immersive web experiences, we have the role for you.

Roles and Responsibilities

    • Understanding the habits of high-velocity engineering teams, you will promote best practices while engaging in a complete dev lifecycle including: Daily standup, spring planning, paired programming, unit testing, git workflow, code review, retrospectives.
    • Diplomatically facilitate group dialogue related to architectural decisions.
    • Enthusiastically mentor team members and help unlock technical barriers.
    • Comfortable with large-scale refactoring and greenfield opportunities.
    • Reach beyond standard agile cross-functional meetings to proactively collaborate with colleagues to initiate solutions for any and all issues.

Required Skills and Experience

    • 4+ years of professional development experience.
    • Extensive experience with modern javascript framework (React/Redux, Angular, Vue.js, RxJS, or other virtual DOM libraries).
    • CSS in JS (styled-components, Fela, or other).
    • Experience with server-side concepts, e.g. microservices, database, caching, performance, monitoring, and scalability.


    • WebGL or OpenGL experience.
    • Experience in developing software for scientific visualizations of big data.
    • Cartographic or GIS experience.