Sales Development Representative

Santa Fe, NM
Business Development & Sales
Descartes Labs is a commercial spin-out of Los Alamos National Labs. We have created a geospatial data refinery to ingest satellite imagery and a huge array of other sensor inputs to monitor global supply chains and create predictive models. We currently work with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Cargill, and a dozen Fortune 500 companies to apply machine learning to massive remotely sensed data sets in order to create tactical and strategic intelligence products which are unique to each client.  

Descartes Labs is looking for a talented Sales Development and Lead Generation leader to join our rapidly growing sales team. The location of this job is highly flexible but would ideally be based at our company headquarters in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico or at one of our satellite facilities in Denver, CO, New York City, or San Francisco, CA. This is an opportunity to build a career at an innovative market leader with incredible technology and own the process of customer research and analysis, sales development, and lead generation. This role is a compelling blend of sales development, research, and strategy, combined with extensive exposure to cutting edge machine learning and geospatial technologies. You must be an aggressive and rapid learner ready to explore a huge variety of new industries and subjects which will span global supply chains, space and satellite technology, applied science, data fusion, machine learning, and fundamental and quantitative trading systems. You need to be enthusiastic, dedicated, creative, and aggressive in supporting our rapidly growing sales team while leading this effort.

As the first dedicated Sales Development and Lead Generation staff member you will report to the Senior Director of Sales and Business. You will coordinate with other departments including marketing, product, and applied science to produce and refine constantly-evolving lead generation strategies as you dissect global Fortune 500 supply chains and identify prospective targets. Your primary role will be to grow the sales pipeline with qualified leads, identify points of entry into key accounts, and set initial discovery meetings. You will work closely with our marketing department to link inbound demand generation strategies to outbound targeting campaigns. You will also serve as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the supply chains of different clients. Future career opportunities open to this role include building and developing a sales development organization from the ground up, outside sales, sales operations, strategic partnerships, and related paths. If you are excited about the opportunity to help shape the rapid growth of an industry pioneer, this may be the opportunity for you.

Who You Are

    • Curious: You enjoy peeling apart a global supply chain, learning new things, identifying problems, and solving the most challenging puzzles.
    • Creative: You constantly invent and try new approaches to solving problems that have often never been applied in such contexts before.
    • Relentless: You will never give up on an opportunity and achieve success no matter the obstacles.
    • Aggressive: You do not wait for an invitation rather you move ahead into the market and develop opportunities where none may have existed previously.
    • Reliable: You are not someone who requires intensive oversight; you are independent and can be counted on to execute the sales strategy no matter what.
    • Data-Animated: You can create and implement a data strategy to track your progress, experiment, and quickly adjust to achieve the desired results.

Roles & Responsibilties

    • Report to the Senior Director, Business & Sales.
    • Develop, refine, and optimize Descartes Labs outbound lead generation strategy.
    • Grow the existing sales pipeline by 10x in approximately 18 months.
    • Research prospective client's business and supply chain.
    • Identify target entry points, initiate contact, and schedule initial discovery meetings.
    • Act as the internal SME for each individual client’s business and supply chain.
    • Work closely with marketing and product to improve lead generation effectiveness.
    • Conduct data-driven A-B testing for outbound email campaigns to optimize results.
    • Work closely with event management teams to maximize lead generation at conferences.
    • Actively link client research to Descartes Labs capabilities and service offerings.
    • Support initial client pitches and follow-on engagements as needed.
    • Maintain internal CRM records for lead generation activities.
    • Actively research new areas of an existing client’s business that can be targeted.
    • Ensure all relevant files are properly executed and archived for easy access.
    • Stay up to date on major activities, news, and events in DL’s primary target markets including agriculture, defense, energy, mining, logistics, and financial trading, etc.


    • Undergraduate degree in business, marketing, finance, data science, or relevant field.
    • At least five years of experience in sales or sales development, marketing, account management, business analysis, data science, or a related position.
    • MBA preferred but not required.
    • Knowledge of the following verticals helpful but not required: enterprise software, supply chain, agriculture, aerospace, energy, mining, logistics, trading.