Applied Scientist (Machine Learning)

Santa Fe, NM or San Francisco, CA
Descartes Labs has built a supercomputer in the cloud, ingesting 5 terabytes of fresh satellite imagery per day, with regular batch processing of petabytes of data.  We’re looking for computer vision engineers to accelerate our understanding of the visual world by building a computer-vision-backed API on top of this imagery.


    • Develop computer vision algorithms for production use on satellite and aerial imagery
    • Explore new ways of applying computer vision to satellite imagery
    • Help guide the acquisition of training data by external partners
    • Develop tools to assess algorithm accuracy
    • Implement algorithms at scale in the commercial cloud


    • BS in Computer Science or related field
    • 2+ years experience in computer vision and machine learning
    • Strong python experience


    • MS/PhD in Computer Science or related field
    • Google Cloud / AWS
    • Experience with remote sensing data
    • Convolutional neural networks
    • OpenCV
    • Prior industry experience