Design Manager

San Francisco, CA
Designer Fund
Designer Fund is looking for a Design Manager who is passionate about design community and design education. You’ll play a key role in helping early stage startups design the best products, scale their design teams and use design as a strategic advantage. If you want a future where good design is the norm, not the exception, say hello to us.

About Designer Fund
The mission of Designer Fund is to invest in leaders and empower them with design to improve the world. We invest between $350K – $1M in tech startups with founders who value design including Stripe, Gusto, Omada Health, AltSchool, Abstract, Hustle, Framer, Remix and more. With every investment, our goal is to create better designed products and companies in markets that traditionally have poor user experiences like finance, healthcare and enterprise.

To further our mission, we produce professional development programs like Bridge and DFG,  to connect experienced designers and founders from top companies with each other. Through curated workshops, dinners, and talks, we share best practices that accelerate the growth of design leaders.

In the past few years we’ve produced 8 Bridge programs and now have nearly 200 Alumni who were selected from thousands of applicants. We’ve hosted over 100 curated events to date, such as Source and Women in Design. We’ve also open-sourced resources for designers, like Level Up and A Designer’s Guide to Working in Tech, that have reached over a million page views. We want to continue increasing access to our services while keeping a high quality bar—this is why we’re looking for a design manager who can help scale our impact.

This will be a highly rewarding opportunity to deliver good design to underserved markets and to be immersed in the heart of San Francisco’s design in tech community.

You’ll be responsible for:
*Designing experiences and services — Ensuring that Designer Fund delivers high quality and unique value to founders, designers and investors with a high NPS.

*Managing relationships with designers and partners — Cultivating relationships with exceptional designers and helping our portfolio build high performing design teams.

*Managing design programs and projects — This includes everything from defining strategy and process, to executing on OKRs, evaluating our performance and improving with iteration.

*You’ll likely spend 50% of your time managing work and at least 50% of your time as an individual contributor that gets things done.

Sample projects:
*Designing experiences that build relationships e.g. Source

*Advising, recruiting, developing designers e.g. Bridge

*Hands on design consulting e.g. Design Sprints

*Producing resources for design best practices e.g. Level Up

*Managing networks of design experts e.g. DFG

*Managing roadmaps, OKRs, and budgets

Who we’re looking for:
Ideally you have experience with early stage startups and mature stage companies where you’ve built and managed top tier design teams. Your background should help you solve for challenges that founders face when scaling a design team from 0 to dozens. In addition, it would be great if you have both product and brand design expertise to lead hands on projects and help advise our portfolio companies at key design inflection points.  

We want you to be intrinsically motivated by the responsibility of designers to have more positive impact on society than in the past. You should be an evangelist that elevates an inclusive design in tech industry and advocate for the growth of diverse design leaders. We think it would help if you naturally have an extroverted, optimistic, and warm personality that enjoys hosting and score high on woo in StrengthsFinder.
What’s in it for you:
This is a rare opportunity. There are very few roles for designers at the intersection of design and venture capital. You’ll get to engage with design leaders from the best companies on a regular basis through our curated experiences. You’ll expand your network of stellar people and gain unique insights that will advance your career.

You’ll be part of our core team where everyone has a high impact role. You’ll have many opportunities to lead programs and projects that expand your portfolio. We’ll also invest in your personal and career development. There are multiple career tracks we can help prepare you for including becoming a Director of Design e.g. our previous design manager, Heather Phillips became the Director of Design at one of our portfolio companies Abstract.

Of course, we’ll offer competitive market salary and benefits. In addition, we really value personal and family health and encourage healthy behaviors like sleep, exercise and diet as part of our culture. We collaborate mostly in-person at our studio located conveniently in the sunnier part of San Francisco, California—walking distance from AT&T Park, Caltrain, South Park, MUNI, BART, etc.