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DesignMap staff are among the best practitioners in the world. If you're up to the challenge, our studio is welcoming and collaborative, and offers complex and rewarding design challenges. No matter where you are in your professional journey, we have a complete leveling up system to develop lasting careers.

Our mission is to harness complexity, challenge expectations, and reimagine opportunities to design exceptional experiences that delight people.

We do this through our principles of Quality, Grit, and Heart: Our standard of design craft and technique is high, we are driven through thick and thin to make a difference, and know that in improving ourselves and empowering the team is the only way we can accomplish our mission.

Purposefully Imaginative: We’re not a factory that churns out cookie-cutter designs. We work with people innovating at the cutting edge of their industry, helping them tackle their most difficult product and strategy challenges.

The Speed of Trust: We strive to listen first, get better, and be accountable. We’ve built in transparency and take issues head on with weekly, monthly, and quarterly retrospectives at all levels. 

Growth Mindset: Intellectual curiosity and continuous learning are highly valued at DesignMap. We have opportunities for mentoring, lunch-and-learns, training, conferences, and ample chances to collaborate across disciplines.

Inclusive Environment: Resilient companies are built with people from a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities. We strive to foster an inclusive environment, where everyone feels supported, confident, and completely part of the team. Over half or staff are women, and well over half represent minority groups. 

Why you're looking for a change...

    • Multiple re-orgs of your company has created splintered strategy and disrupted career progress.
    • Endless incremental feature design, while design debt piles up.
    • Discovery and Research does not inform product direction. 
    • Designers are pigeon-holed into a specific discipline, or are siloed in Scrum teams disconnected from each other. 
    • Design is not a critical part of your company’s strategy.
    • Poor work/life balance caused by organizational issues.


    • Execute the entire design solutions for end-to-end workflow or product area.
    • Design for systems: working through every permutation required and how it will fit within the broader ecosystem.
    • Proven ability in complex topics and industries.
    • Confident in design activities across the whole user-centered process. 
    • Designed design: effectively and elegantly communicate your solutions via the highest quality sketches, wireframes, journey maps, presentations, etc.


    • Plan, facilitate, and create tangible outcomes from collaborative meetings.
    • Action-oriented with a fine balance between asking for help and being autonomous. 
    • Adept at constructive feedback, guidance, and mentoring for fellow team members. 
    • Strong rapport with stakeholders, understanding their needs and communicating design strategy.


    • 4+ years of direct, relevant experience in complex SaaS product spaces.
    • B2B/Enterprise, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, IT/Infrastructure.
    • Design for Platforms, Emerging Tech like ML/AI/Voice, Marketplaces/Ecosystems, Service Design, Data Viz and Insights.
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