Robotics Engineer - Tech Lead

Redwood City /
Engineering – Software /
/ On-site
Dexterity Inc. has an opening for a Robotics Engineer - Tech Lead at 1205 Veterans Blvd., Redwood City, California  94063. 40 hrs/wk; 9am - 5pm; M-F. $103,459 - $144,373.
Responsibilities: Lead small team to install, operate, calibrate, and maintain robots and to develop, build, and test robotic software applications and deploy applications to customer sites and monitor performance. Provide technical leadership/mentorship to the engineering teams implementing solutions. Develop technical architecture for robotic features and solutions from inception to deployment and volume production. Design, program, test, and debug software for robots and robotic systems. Develop software for computer vision applications & robotics control. Integrate machine learning methods with robotic applications. Develop novel controllers for multi-robot & human-robot collaboration. Develop sensing strategies and fuse data for better control algorithms. Build visual and force-based servicing strategies for better contact performance. Design new robotics systems and surrounding automation for optimal robot performance based on reach, workspace, and conditioning analysis. Build visualization and analysis tooling to help with controls development and production reporting and debugging. Perform data analysis and modeling for improving robot performance. Develop planning algorithms for safe operations. Incorporate customer requirements into robotics system design.
Requirements: Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or related degree (or foreign equivalent), plus 24 months of experience in robotics engineering or related field. Experience must include 24 months in:
Writing libraries in C++ & Python;
Installing, operating, calibrating, and maintaining robots;
Designing, programing, testing, and debugging software for robots and robotic systems;
Developing software for computer vision applications & robotics control;
Integrating machine learning methods with robotic applications;
Developing controllers for multi-robot & human-robot collaboration;
Developing sensing strategies and fuse data for control algorithms;
Building visual and force-based servicing strategies;
Designing robotic systems and automation;
Building visualization and analysis tools;
Analyze robotics performance data and modeling; and
Developing planning algorithm
Applicants should apply online at and include Reference# 161062-28 w/resume. Dexterity Inc. is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.