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The Democratic Governors Association (DGA) is searching for qualified finance staff candidates for our Democratic gubernatorial campaigns across the country.
With the GOP moving full steam ahead to suppress the vote and obstruct President Biden’s agenda, the 38 governor’s races between 2021 and 2022 will determine the future of our health care, our jobs, our schools, and American democracy itself. The DGA works very closely with the campaigns of Democratic candidates for Governor, and intends to share qualified resumes with these campaigns as the campaigns’ positions become available.
These are generic job descriptions. The roles and structures of finance teams will vary depending on the campaign. Applications submitted through this link are only for positions working directly on gubernatorial campaigns — not for any positions with the DGA in Washington, DC.
This posting will be taken down when campaigns are no longer searching for candidates.

Senior Level Finance Opportunities: Finance Director positions

    • Qualified candidates demonstrate the ability to build and manage a dynamic finance operation for a statewide candidate in a competitive election cycle. Qualified candidates have experience managing staff and/or consultants, have experience building a finance plan, working with a Campaign Manager and other senior staff,  and have at least 2 cycles or 3+ years of campaign finance experience. Preferred qualifications, responsibilities, and duties vary by campaign.

Mid-Level Finance Opportunities: Deputy Finance Director, Regional Finance Director, Events Manager and more.

    • Qualified candidates have knowledge of multiple aspects of a finance operation. Qualified candidates have experience with in person events and/or managing a call time program. Qualified candidates have at least one cycle of campaign finance experience. Preferred qualifications, responsibilities/duties, and job titles vary by position and campaign.

Entry Level Finance Opportunities: Call Time Manager to Finance Assistant

    • Qualified candidates have a solid work ethic, team mentality and desire to help Democratic Governors and candidates win in 2022. Candidates have less than six months of full time campaign finance experience. Preferred qualifications, responsibilities/duties, and job titles vary by position and campaign.
The DGA recognizes that its continued success requires a staff of hardworking, intelligent people from diverse backgrounds, and seeks the same for gubernatorial campaigns. The DGA is committed to ensuring equal opportunity employment regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, or veteran status. The DGA strongly encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply to these positions.
The DGA may contact applicants to further discuss these roles, or may just pass their resumes along to campaigns.