Chief Operating Officer

Washington, DC /
Administrative – Operations /
Full -Time
The Democratic Governors Association (DGA), the campaign committee responsible for electing and supporting Democratic Governors, is seeking a Chief Operating Officer.
As a member of senior-level staff, this position reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for managing the strategic vision of DGA’s operations department and ensure the department’s functions are always aligned with the DGA’s political goals and organizational values. The Chief Operating Officer is a leader within the organization who is responsible for creating and managing the organization’s culture by overseeing employees’ experiences, human resources, office management, organizational policies, and the internship program functions of the DGA.
The expected salary range for this position is $145,000-$200,000 annually before benefits and applicable withholdings and dependent on experience.
We expect many well-qualified candidates to apply to this position and this application will remain open until at least December 3, 2021, or until the hiring committee has identified at least 3 top candidates after the first two rounds of interviews, whichever is later. Please provide a one-page cover letter and resume describing why you think you are the best person to fill this open position at the DGA.

The DGA recognizes that its continued success requires a staff of hardworking, intelligent people from diverse backgrounds. The DGA is committed to ensuring equal opportunity employment regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, or veteran status. 
The DGA strongly encourages individuals with a diverse background to apply to this position and to share why your demonstrated commitment to diversity and experience working in diverse communities makes you a strong applicant as part of your cover letter.


    • Oversee the DGA’s Operations department and actively manage a staff of two full-time employees, while being empowered to update the staffing of the department to align with the organization’s goals in consultation with the Executive Director;
    • Oversee the human resource functions including payroll, benefits, and overall employee experience;
    • Oversee the management of DGA’s office to ensure all employees have the resources they need to successfully meet their responsibilities;
    • Oversee all application processes for full time positions and internships to recruit and build a talented and diverse team at the DGA;
    • Oversee the training and onboarding of new employees and interns on DGA values and policies to set them up for success;
    • Oversee DGA’s internship program that recruits a diverse class during each period and provides each intern with a well-rounded, meaningful, professional experience;
    • Oversee vendor/consultant contract review, execution, and record keeping with DGA’s counsel across all DGA departments;
    • Oversee processing of operational and credit card payments for DGA and associated organizations in collaboration with the Chief Financial Officer;
    • Support the Executive team during annual meetings with Governors to document and implement organizational decisions and leadership changes;
    • Occasionally represent the DGA externally with partners, donors, elected officials, campaigns, vendors, and other collaborators to build meaningful working relationships and identify opportunities for proactive cooperation;
    • Eventually oversee DGA’s IT department, technology, and cybersecurity strategy;
    • Collaborate with all DGA departments to ensure equitable RFP processes;
    • Manage other special projects, assignments, and tasks across the entire organization assigned by the Executive Director.


    • At least 8 years of combined experience implementing/managing human resource (HR) functions for a statewide campaign, state party, and/or a national non-profit/advocacy organization;
    • Strong experience leading successful projects aimed to improve diversity and inclusion within an organization;
    • Strong experience designing, implementing, and managing a team of individuals responsible for the operational functions of a mid-size organization (50-75 employees) or larger;
    • Strong experience managing a multi-million-dollar operational budget for an organization;
    • Advanced knowledge of hiring practices and experience with initial and ongoing HR trainings;
    • Advanced knowledge and/or experience managing payroll, benefits, and HR systems;
    • Experience working with legal counsel on all matters involving federal and state employment law;
    • Experience managing federal level and state level payroll tax filings;
    • Experience managing equipment, technology, and/or software among a large group of people by serving as an administrator of accounts;
    • Experience managing external relationships related to an organization’s operations;
    • Some experience/knowledge working with others to proactively address cybersecurity concerns across an organization and for individual employees;
    • Knowledgeable of who the nation’s Democratic Governors are and how they fit within the Democratic Party;
    • Must be comfortable with long, irregular hours during peak seasons.


    • Demonstrated passion and commitment to Democratic candidates and causes;
    • Self-starter and willing to take initiative to correct and improve anything – with an understanding how that could affect others;
    • Good instincts on understanding what information should be shared and what information should remain discrete;
    • Advanced project management skills – including the ability to juggle multiple projects at the same time while streamlining information and communication for others and politely holding others accountable to achieve agreed upon goals;
    • Genuinely enjoys training new colleagues on the values of the organization you work for and takes pride in setting others up to be successful at their jobs;
    • Curious about how things work and willing to ask questions to learn and support other employees’ responsibilities;
    • Has a demonstrated interest in management theory and learning/applying new programs that align with the organization’s goals;
    • Strong ability to retain, save, and apply new information to improve existing situations;
    • Strong ability to proactively troubleshoot and problem-solve short term and long-term issues as they arise;
    • Strong ability to proactively communicate with colleagues, supervisors, and support staff;
    • Strong ability to work well with a diverse staff with unique areas of expertise who are part of other departments;
    • Extremely well-organized and detail oriented while moving in a fast-paced environment;
    • Regularly seeks feedback and new information from employees at all levels to improve systems and processes across the entire organization;
    • Seeks, initiates, and embraces positive change;
    • Extremely trustworthy.
The DGA offices are based in downtown Washington, DC and we are currently in a hybrid in-person and remote work protocol due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The DGA will work with potential candidates to schedule remote interviews and process on-boarding procedures remotely, if necessary. Post-pandemic, this position will be based in Washington, DC but is amendable to a remote work set up if required.

This position comes with 100% employer-paid health care for employee + spouse/partner + dependents, up to 4% 401(k) matching program, employer paid phone bill, and other employee benefits.