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San Francisco, California /
Diamond Foundry – Engineering /
At Diamond Foundry, we are delivering the future of diamonds. We are America's #1 producer of diamonds, creating real diamonds aboveground in our San Francisco foundry using our proprietary solar technology.  We sell our products via multiple channels world-wide.

We are looking for an ambitious and hands-on engineer to take responsibility for characterizing, maintaining, and improving methods of operating a wide variety of high tech manufacturing equipment. You'll be working with an experienced team of mechanical, electrical, and materials engineers, and will be encouraged to gain experience in different areas. The position will involve hands-on work manufacturing equipment, material handling tools and will focus on characterizing performance, improving stability, and making incremental improvements to production metrics.


    • Analyzing operational data and production metrics of our manufacturing line
    • Generating ideas for process or product improvements, and creating, tracking and evaluating experiments to test those concepts
    • Identifying correlations between key equipment metrics and product quality
    • Creating reports and visualizations of line performance for use by other engineers or management
    • Troubleshooting issues with the production line, creating working groups with a multidisciplinary team when needed for difficult challenges
    • Writing technical documentation to detail process changes
    • Introducing new products and processes to the line, including planning rollouts of new equipment resources and diamond products, tracking and evaluating qualification material, and managing production ramp up


    • Bachelor's degree in Materials/ Mechanical/Electrical/Chemical Engineering, or similar field
    • 2 -10  years of hands on experience in a manufacturing or production lab environment
    • Comfortable working hands on with complicated equipment
    • Ability to extract and analyze data using tools such as SQL and statistical software such as JMP
    • Detail-oriented mindset
    • Effective communication and must be comfortable working closely with team members
    • Flexible, independent, and adept at working in a fast-paced environment
    • Firm grasp of concepts such as Six Sigma and Design of Experiments
    • Bonus, knowledge in any of these areas: experience with industrial laser systems, experience with polishing and lapping and cutting of single crystalline materials, use of adhesives with difficult to bond substrates, semiconductor wafer production and back end processing, furnace based material processing
We are rapidly expanding and are hiring for positions in:
 San Francisco, CA - technology
 Los Angeles, CA - ecommerce
 Wenatchee, WA – foundry
 Shanghai, CN - ecommerce
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