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About 99:
99 is a Brazilian technology company founded in 2012 and today is part of the global company DiDi Chuxing, the largest app platform for convenience and transport in the world. Here, our mission is to build the best journey for users, transforming people's lives by offering more accessible, safe and convenient services for passengers and customers, and the most profitable and easy going day-to-day life for drivers, restaurants and delivery partners, through technology. To make all of this happen, we have a team of super talented professionals who interact in an environment full of creativity, energy and respect for diversity. The Orangers (our way of calling the employees) are the ones responsible for revolutionizing urban mobility (99), build quick options for all pockets and appetites (99Food), and offer a digital wallet, so you can pay from trips to bank slips (99Pay).
Diversity goes beyond ethnic, physical, sexual, sensory and gender differences! Our goal is to cultivate an inclusive environment by focusing on high performance and valuing diversity in our work environment. We respect and value the differences! Come and be part of a diverse environment where your ideas and opinions will always be heard. Inclusion and diversity are in our recruitment principles.
This position is open to application for people with disabilities (PCD).

Our Operations role is an unique opportunity to have a measurable impact on your cities through the balance of the marketplace. This is a critical position as you will be in charge of continually improving the user experience through demand adjustment, while minimising costs and streamlining processes associated with the supply side of our business. This data-driven role calls for a combination of analytical thinking and interpersonal ability to oversee relationships with a very valuable part of our business.

You will work with data to monitor user behaviour and ensure efficiency through asset utilisation, product improvement and supply-chain management. This role is ultimately responsible for making sure we have enough user making calls when we need them, at all times. Be prepared for a fast-paced and challenging environment. Never a dull moment!

Currently, we have several opportunities within our team. If this opportunity sounds interesting, don't hesitate to apply!

Your Responsibilities:

-Analytics: Utilize data to understand user behaviour and areas for improvement in our user communication, sign-up and incentive programs, across different cities. Analysis of business operations results, to identify improvement opportunities and make decisions based on data; execute actions do improve the business results; execute daily/weekly routines of system configuration.
-Develop & Optimize -Processes: Take big picture ideas and break them into actionable steps with progressive timelines for completion.
-Product Improvement: Diligently search for bugs or new features which could improve a seamless user experience.
-Be resourceful and scrappy: Take ownership of 99's growth in your cities and do everything you can to support and enhance the quality of our services.

The Successful Applicant:

Bachelor's degree in Economics, Finance, Statistics, Engineering or similar field.
2-4 years of experience overseeing market research and segmentation, and developing targeted customer acquisition and engagement strategies is helpful. 
Previous experience using data to lead and support business decisions is highly recommended.
Excellent Excel skills, SQL and some Python skills preferred.
Demonstrated record of positively owning and leading initiatives and projects at your organisation.
Ability to take initiative in a constantly-changing work environment and adopt a generalist do-what-it-takes mindset.