Channel Marketing Manager

Mumbai, Maharashtra
Radix – Marketing & Business Development
About Radix
Radix is a fully owned business unit within the the Directi Group (Linkedin's Top Companies,2018), which is focused on new domain extensions. Through several years of active bidding for domain registry licenses, Radix has won global and exclusive rights to the following new top-level domain endings:
Domain Ending | Example Website
.online |
.site |
.space |
.store |
.tech |
.website |
.press |
.host |
.pw |
.fun |

Until a few years ago, finding a short, memorable domain name for a new website was quite challenging. The new domain extensions such as .TECH, .STORE, .FUN solve that problem by offering the opportunity to find desirable domain names at an affordable price.
Radix is Asia's largest newgTLD applicant under ICANN’s project to allow private companies to bid and operate new extensions, and we expect to play a large role in the global diversification of the internet namespace.
Our mission is to offer rich and memorable internet addresses that will host the next big idea, initiative, community, enterprise, killer app or viral sensation.

Radix operated new domains have garnered a tremendous response, having accumulated over 3 million domain registrations already, which is growing by around 1,500 registrations / day.
Quick Stats:
Founded - 2012
Total Strength - 50
Total Investment - US$ 45 Million
Operationally Profitable - YES
Annual Growth Rate - 35%+

Radix is an internet company with a large partner network; some of our global partners include GoDaddy, Google, BigRock, Zoho, etc. These channel partners contribute to 95% + of the revenue made by Radix. We are looking for a marketing maven to help us lead all marketing efforts targeted to these 200+ partners spread across the globe.  

As a Channel Marketing Manager, your goal will be to build and maintain high recall for Radix and all its domain endings portfolio amongst these partners. You will be the creator & custodian of all marketing and communication targeted to the channel, both online and offline.

You will be responsible for building & executing strategy for all aspects of Channel Marketing -  Events, Online Marketing, Content Creation, ROI measurement, PR & Social Media.

What is the Job like?

    • Content & Communications:
    • Creating a PR strategy targeting the channel & working with the content team to execute it.
    • Leading Partner Communications i.e. creation and distribution of - emails, monthly newsletters, presentations, infographics, white papers, event collaterals etc.
    • Support the channel team with presentations and data needed to make compelling pitches for Radix and its domain extensions.

    • Online Marketing:
    • Creating an annual calendar for Online Marketing Campaigns.
    • Ideating & driving execution of each of these by working with the design & web development teams.
    • Monitoring the impact of these campaigns with the online marketing team & recommending newer avenues or strategies that can be looked at.

    • Events:
    • Building the yearly event calendar & working to finalize budgets, sponsorships for each of these events. Suggesting  unique out of the box sponsorship opportunities.
    • Driving planning & communication with clients to co-partner/co-sponsor events, conferences, when required.
    • Working with the Events team to plan exciting social events & get-togethers for Partners.

    • Annual Planning, Budgeting & ROI Measurement:
    • Creating an annual marketing plan and budget. Ensuring all marketing activities are within the scope of the same.
    • Brainstorming and ideation of  new marketing initiatives that can be rolled out across the channel.
    • Creating & making quarterly presentations to review marketing activities and spends.
    • Closely monitoring ROI on investments made with channel partners.
    • Working with management to ensure deadlines & budgets are met every single time.

Who should apply for this role?

    • Experience:  
    • Should be a seasoned marketing professional with  3.6 - 8 yrs of marketing experience.
    • Experience in B2B/Partner Marketing or the Domain Industry is preferred but not necessary.

    • Skills:
    • Possesses strong marketing acumen.
    • Has very strong writing and communication skills.
    • Basic understanding of visual communication and marketing media.
    • Exceptional organization and planning skills.
    • Must be good at managing multiple activities & projects simultaneously.
    • Keen eye to detail.
    • Be a go-getter and has a can-do attitude.
    • Be a people's person and can use the gift of gab to get out of tricky situations.
Benefits and Perks
We at Radix love our jobs. And it’s no surprise – we get to work on exciting, new projects with some of the best brains in the industry, and that too in a vibrant atmosphere that is designed to be comfortable and conducive for our personal and professional growth.

And Radix goes the extra mile to make you feel at home. We offer benefits ranging from affordable catered meals and even snacks on the house. Our workspaces are welcoming and fun, complete with bean bag chairs and ping pong tables. You are free to wear what makes you comfortable and choose the hours you keep, as a team. Oh, and we’ve got your family covered too, with great health insurance plans and other benefits.

If you like the idea of working on solutions that have a truly global impact, get in touch!