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About Radix

Radix is the world's largest new domains registry with 10 new extensions that include .ONLINE, .STORE, .TECH, .WEBSITE, .SPACE, .PRESS, .SITE, .HOST, .FUN and .UNO; as well as 1 re-purposed country code top-level domain, .PW. Through these extensions, Radix is empowering business owners to get short, memorable and descriptive domain names that can be used for a website, email address, or a variety of other internet addressing purposes. 

Quick links: 
Twitter: @radixregistry 
Facebook: /radixregistry 

Radix’s story and purpose 

Radix was launched in 2012 as a subsidiary of Directi, a $1.4 bn company founded by Bhavin Turakhia and Divyank Turakhia in 1998. 

Back in 2012, it had already become difficult to find short and memorable domain names amongst the available extensions. When ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) invited the initial applications for new domain extensions, it was a historic moment for the Internet on the whole. It opened a big opportunity to make internet-addresses shorter, meaningful and distinguishable. Radix committed over $30 million on the application of 31 strings comprising several generic and mass-market names. Of those, Radix acquired 7 and since then has attained three more extensions; .TECH (2014), .FUN (2017) and .UNO (2019).  Radix is the world’s largest new domain registry with 5M domains under management.  

These new domain extensions give an opportunity to users to register a domain name that is descriptive, keyword-rich, brandable and meaningful. Radix is thus making the Internet more organized and business-friendly. 

Radix has partnered with 200+ registrars such as GoDaddy and BigRock to sell its domains to end-users all over the world. 

Quick Stats:
Founded: 2012
Total strength: 65+
Total investment: US$ 45 Million
Operationally profitable: Yes
Annual growth rate:  35%+

.ONLINE is the 3rd largest selling new TLD with over 1M registrations

Recently, .ONLINE launched a massive end-customer campaign to increase brand awareness and credibility

The candidate applying to the Marketing Specialist role is expected to work with the Brand Manager to drive all marketing initiatives including this end-customer campaign to help .ONLINE become the undisputed no. 1 TLD by the end of this year

Job Responsibilities: 
·         Ideate and build on the 360° end-customer campaign plan for .ONLINE
·         Identify and execute a guerrilla marketing strategy for the brand, if suitable
Influencer Marketing
·         Identify the industry segments relevant to .ONLINE and develop a strategy to get influencers to adopt the .ONLINE brand for an ambassadorship programme
·         get influencers to advertise for .ONLINE 
Online marketing
·         Work with the online marketing team to analyze the various campaigns being run for .ONLINE and identify potential areas of growth and optimization
·         Develop and execute SEM / Retargeting campaign with registrars
Content Partnerships
·         Work with the Content Marketing team to develop a strategy and create content pieces for the ONLINE blog 
·         Identify potential partnerships and distribution partners to increase .ONLINE awareness and credibility through content marketing
Strategic Partnerships
·         Identify relevant industry segments for alliances and Partnerships
·         On board strategic Partners to help grow the brand
Offline marketing
·         Identify and evaluate sponsorship's for events and conferences
·         Work with the Marketing team to build the marketing kit for each event
Planning and Reporting
·         Create quarterly and annual marketing plan for .ONLINE
· Create quarterly and annual reports to evaluate the marketing ROI

Who should apply for this role?

    • 3-6 years experience in a marketing role
    • Good understanding of marketing and communication media, online marketing, content marketing and Partnerships
    • Ability to work with multiple teams in a highly dynamic environment
    • Agency experience is a plus
    • Exceptional organization and planning skills
    • Exceptional written/verbal communication
Benefits and Perks
We at Radix love our jobs. And it’s no surprise – we get to work on exciting, new projects with some of the best brains in the industry, and that too in a vibrant atmosphere that is designed to be comfortable and conducive for our personal and professional growth.

And Radix goes the extra mile to make you feel at home. We offer benefits ranging from affordable catered meals and even snacks on the house. Our workspaces are welcoming and fun, complete with bean bag chairs and ping pong tables. You are free to wear what makes you comfortable and choose the hours you keep, as a team. Oh, and we’ve got your family covered too, with great health insurance plans and other benefits.

If you like the idea of working on solutions that have a truly global impact, get in touch!