Infrastructure Engineer

Los Angeles, CA /
Engineering /
Full Time (HQ)
Dispo aims to restore joy to the experience of photography. In fact, we aim to restore joy to modern life. We are not shocked that our love for the delight and surprise of disposable cameras is fun for everyone. A digital disposable camera experience allows us to reclaim our lives from our phones. Waiting for developed photos is like Christmas morning, and it allows us to use cameras to live in the moment and tell stories again. Our goal is to become the world’s home for photography’s ultimate purpose: storytelling and connection making.

Come join the team and live a little- or a lot.

-Team Dispo

Our Stack:
We run a Python / Django monolith on AWS ECS w/ Fargate. Infrastructure and deployments are handled with Pulumi and Typescript.

What will you do?

    • Architect and deploy core infrastructure using modern automation tools.
    • Build tooling to improve everything from deployment pipelines to building applications internally.
    • Develop and maintain logging and metrics solutions enhance observability at all levels of our stack.

Who are you?

    • Someone with a strong background with a rich history of building and maintaining infrastructure, automation, and observability systems in production.
    • Knowledge of AWS and it's core services (VPC, ALB, Fargate, S3, IAM, etc.).
    • An engineer with product sensibility. We are a small team and product input comes from everyone.
    • Comfortable architecting and deploying infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code tools (Pulumi, Terraform, Ansible, Apache Aurora, etc.).
    • You care deeply about performance and are comfortable building monitoring solutions, tuning performance at various points in the stack or whatever it takes to improve key metrics.
    • You can deal with multiple axes in challenging situations: scale, uncertainty, and speed.
    • Someone who wants to build an inclusive culture from day one.


    • Generous compensation
    • Generous vacation
    • Generous benefits
    • Generous food
    • Generous what else? You are an early employee. Just ask