Senior Structures Optimization Engineer

Torrance, CA
Structures – Structures /
Full-time /
Essential Job Functions and Performance Standards:
·         Work in structural optimization of vehicles.
·         Design and analyze Node-based vehicle structures using hand calculations, topology optimization, and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tools.
·         Execute engineering design release of structural components and subsystems.
·         Road Load data processing to analyze and develop Loading cycles for vehicle structures and virtual and physical validation.
·         Work with the following software: ANSA, MetaPost, Optistruct, Abaqus, and nCode.
·         Work collaboratively in a team environment within the Structures team and cross-functionally with other disciplines to efficiently design and release structures that are optimized for mass, efficient production and assembly.
·         Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, or a closely related field.
·         At least TWO (2) years of experience in the job offered, OR at least TWO (2) years of experience with the following:
1.      CAE engineering in automotive manufacturing
2.      Conducting virtual simulations on vehicle’s components, sub-systems and whole vehicles to develop structurally safe and reliable designs
3.      Road Load data processing and analysis to develop loading cycles for testing and physical validation
4.      ANSA
5.      MetaPost
6.      Optistruct
7.      Abaqus
8.       nCode
$134,000 - $168,000 a year