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Mumbai - India
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Employee: Full Time
/ On-site
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Job Title: Customer Relationship Analyst (Product Operations)

Location: Mumbai

Job Purpose: The Customer Relationship Analyst is a dynamic and customer-centric role that requires a candidate with strong communication skills and the ability to establish and maintain excellent relationships with clients. This position involves direct interaction with customers and internal stakeholders, demanding analytical and reasoning skills, and a keen attention to detail. The primary responsibility of this role is to ensure customer satisfaction and drive product utilization.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Customer Profiling: - Create comprehensive customer profiles once clients are onboarded. - Maintain detailed records of client preferences, needs, and history for personalized service.
2. Product Demonstration and Explanation: - Provide in-depth product demonstrations and walkthroughs of D&B’s product portals. - Explain the features, content, and functionality of the product to clients.
3.Issue Resolution: - Act as a primary point of contact for client queries and issues. - Liaise with internal stakeholders, product partners, and international counterparts, as necessary, to ensure timely resolution. - Monitor and manage the client's concerns throughout the resolution process.
4. Client Relationship Maintenance: - Engage in regular client interactions, both offline and online, to maintain and strengthen client relationships. - Address client feedback and concerns promptly, working to exceed their expectations. - Build and nurture long-term relationships to enhance client loyalty.
- Forging effective relationship with new and existing clients.
5. Utilization Monitoring and Enhancement: - Monitor and analyze client utilization of products and services. - Identify opportunities to increase client utilization.

Qualifications: Bachelor's/ Master’s degree / MBA

Work Experience: Minimum 2 years

Knowledge, Skills & Ability:

- Proven experience in customer relationship management or a similar role. - Strong communication skills, both written and verbal. - Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities.
- Demonstrated ability to build and maintain positive client relationships. - Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams. - Excellent time management and multitasking skills.
-Attend client meetings as needed. - Familiarity with CRM software and tools is an additional advantage.
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