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KEY RESPONSIBILITIES (Secretarial exposure and qualification mandatory)
This role is based in Mumbai and will have responsibility for supporting Dun & Bradstreet’s Indian subsidiaries in coordination with Global Corporate Secretary team based in the United States. 
·         Secretarial & Compliance Responsibilities:
o    Board Support: Organize and facilitate board, committee and shareholder meetings, prepare notices and agendas, attend and conduct the meetings, record minutes, draft and circulate circular/certified resolutions, and follow up on action items.
o    Statutory disclosures, compliance, filing, and reporting:
Prepare and file statutory documents, annual reports, and disclosures with relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and proactively undertake various filings and procure and maintain various disclosures as required under the Companies Act and rules thereunder as well as under LLP Act and rules thereunder.
o    Stakeholder and Auditor Relations:
Manage interactions with relevant stakeholders, respond to queries from stakeholders and/or auditors, coordinate the annual general meeting and LLP general meeting, and prepare documents (if any) a required by the statutory auditor and attend calls with statutory auditors as required.
o    Corporate Compliance Monitoring:
Monitor changes in laws and regulations affecting the company and LLP, ensuring adherence to corporate compliance requirements.
o    Secretarial Records:
Maintain statutory registers like register of members, register of directors, registers of director’s shareholding, register of contracts, and other statutory records as required under the Companies Act and rules thereunder.
o    Corporate Compliance Updates:
Update the team and management about amendments, changes and new filing requirements from time-to-time; 
o    Labour Law Compliances: 
Coordinating with our third-party compliance partner and colleagues on our People Team, collecting and providing relevant files and data ensuring timely compliance from time-to-time;
o    Compliance Tracker Maintenance: 
prepare and update compliance tracker / checklist for compliances under Companies Act 2012 and FEMA as and when required but at least on a monthly basis;
o    Assistance for Holding and Subsidiary Company: 
Assist holding company with any secretarial matters to certify current nature of and/or validity of necessary documentation, attending annual general meetings of subsidiary company;
o    Corporate Policies:
Develop and update corporate policies and procedures to align with legal and regulatory requirements.
o    Risk Management:
Identify and assess legal and regulatory risks, providing advice to senior management.
o    Ethical Conduct:
Promote and enforce ethical conduct, corporate responsibility, and compliances within the organization as per the Company’s local and global policies.
o    FEMA and KYC Compliance:
Work with the Finance team on Know Your Customer (KYC) and Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) compliances, for example Annual report on Foreign Liabilities and Assets.
o    Corporate Governance:
Ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and corporate governance principles.
·         Legal Responsibilities:
o    Drafting and releasing of notices / legal letters and other business correspondences, having legal implication.
o    Maintain and organize corporate records, contracts, and legal documents.
o    Review simple legal documents such as NDAs and Customer Codes of Conduct, as well as notices from authorities.
o    Handling billing of the legal team vendors.
·         Qualification as a Company Secretary along with a law degree (LLB) and current membership with the Institute of Company Secretaries of India;
·         5+ years of experience in a secretarial and legal department of a reputable company with experience on the corporate documentation (non-litigation);
·         Experience working at a fast- paced environment, ability to operate under pressure, and meet tight deadlines;
·         Strong planning skills and the ability to priorities tasks;
·         Ability to work independently and manage own workload, be proactive, be able to identify the next steps in the task, but not be afraid to ask for help as required.
·         Strong interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills;
·         Organized and detail-oriented
·         Linguistic Proficiency – English
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