Organ Donation Coordinator

San Ramon, CA
Organ Referral /
Full Time Non-Exempt /
Donor Network West’s mission is to save and heal lives through organ and tissue donation for transplantation and research.
At Donor Network West, we're looking for people who embody our core values: passion, excellence, equity and inclusion, and relationships. We welcome diverse perspectives and foster an environment of collaboration and service.

The Organ Donation Coordinator (ODC) is integral to providing leadership and continuity of service to all donor families and hospital partners in a 24 x 7 x 365 operations center that receives referrals, screens potential organ donors with referral facilities, and coordinates logistics involved in the donation process. This individual is responsible for enhancing the mission of DNWest by responding to and triaging organ referrals so the appropriate DNWest staff can be dispatched to facilitate the donation process.  Typical duties include immediate response to organ donor referrals and evaluation by phone of the referral, identification of resources needed for the referral and triaging the referral to the appropriate DNWest staff member.  The ODC interacts and communicates closely with Resource Triage Coordinator (RTC) team, organ clinical staff, hospital staff, and other key individuals and groups in a manner that reflects positively on the organization.

Referrals and Donor Screening:

    • Accepts inbound organ referral calls and emails from hospitals and assesses need for dispatch of appropriate staff.
    • Captures all information accurately and completely into donor management software.
    • Collaborates with the RTC and/or Clinical Operations Manager (COM) team(s) in identifying issues related to the donation process.
    • Provides initial coordination of onsite staff for organ donors and referral activity.
    • Participates in the development and implementation of appropriate policies and procedures relating to organ donor identification and referral management.
    • Consistently demonstrates a high level of customer service to internal and external partners.
    • Maintains concise and accurate records of data regarding donor referrals.
    • Maintains accurate information on all laboratory values, medications, and diagnostic tests required to evaluate and manage all potential and/or actual donors.  This also includes recording problems/incidents and reporting them in the established manner.
    • Understands and complies with organ referral policies and procedures as well as organizational policies and procedures. Adheres to the standards of practice for quality assurance/improvement procedures established within the organization.
    • Consults with the RTC and/or COM team(s), as needed on issues pertaining to the clinical and technical aspects of quality organ donor evaluation.
    • Participates in appropriate follow-up with nurses, physicians, and other donor hospital staff, transplant center staff, and other Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) per policy, as requested.
    • May precept new DNWest staff, in conjunction with primary preceptor, in orientation to the process of response to referral.

Authorization Situations/Family Care

    • Will access donor registries on all referrals 80 years old and younger.  If First Person Authorization is identified the ODC will attach the Document of Gift to the chart and ensure the RTC and hospital are aware of FPA.
    • May interact with families by phone when resources are limited, or the situation dictates.
    • Contacts appropriate DNWest resources in the event of potential media attention. 

Other Responsibilities

    • Reviews feedback on donors/referrals and the donor/referral management process to improve quality, as warranted.
    • Participates in conference calls to review donation/referral activity and attends staff meetings and workshops as mandated.
    • Participates in chart reviews and shares findings with management. Performs spot audits to asses for compliance after implementation of change or education.

Professional/Personal Competency

    • Able to communicate and present information effectively and concisely within a team environment.
    • Complies with organ procurement organization specific regulatory policies and standards.


    • Compassionate, conscientious, ethical, and must possess strong interpersonal skills that will allow her/him to deal effectively with individuals or group of individuals, particularly a variety of medical professionals as well as donor families.
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills and an ability to work productively both independently, and as a team participant with accountability to all other team members for meeting agreed upon objectives.
    • Maintain strong organizational skills that will allow him/her to assess changing environments; be able to establish appropriate priorities; handle highly stressful situations in a calm, mature manner, using sufficient judgment and discretion at all times.
    • Provide accurate assessments of job performance and recommend changes in policies, procedures, strategies and action plans. 


    • Bachelor’s degree in biologic sciences or an equivalent degree/diploma/certification in an allied health field, i.e., emergency medical technician/paramedic or respiratory therapist.  Minimum of 3 years of experience may substitute for educational requirement.
    • Previous OPO experience working with hospital partners, medical records or clinical reviews preferred.
$23.58 - $26.20 an hour

Provided compensation data is subject to change based on location and work status. Salary data provided by third party sites do not accurately reflect our pay structure.