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Donor Network West’s mission is to save and heal lives through organ and tissue donation for transplantation and research.
At Donor Network West, we're looking for people who embody our core values: passion, excellence, equity and inclusion, and relationships. We welcome diverse perspectives and foster an environment of collaboration and service.


The Driver enhances the mission of Donor Network West by providing ground transportation for the recovery teams and the DNW staff as well as providing for pickup and delivery of organs, tissues, blood specimens, supplies and/or paperwork, and donors. The Driver role communicates with the Administrator on Call (AOC), recovery staff, organ clinical staff, coroners, funeral homes, hospital staff, transplant surgeons and other key individuals and groups in a manner that reflects positively on the organization.



    • Completes documentation of driving activity on standard forms (pickup/drop-off times of team, destination, team/staff names. etc.)
    • Assisting with the loading and unloading of supplies as necessary
    • Responsible for delivery of the vehicles for scheduled/periodic maintenance as directed by management.
    • Conducts vehicle inspection prior to every case.
    • Participation in an effective driver schedule meeting minimum availability requirements
    • Ensures that general vehicle maintenance is completed including the completion of the vehicle maintenance checklist, cleaning (inside and outside) of vehicles and ensuring vehicles have been fully refueled following use.
    • Arrives on time for attending department meetings, staff meetings, workshops, and other DNW activities.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.

Team Transport

    • Driving recovery teams to and from donor recovery hospitals and facilities.
    • Driving recovery teams to airport(s) and picking up teams at airport(s) following the completion of the recovery process.
    • Drives a DNW vehicle with tissue and organs onboard for pickup and delivery to appropriate location.

Supply Runs and Non-Staff Related Pickups

    • Drives a DNW vehicle for pickup and delivery of blood and tissue samples as needed.
    • Assists in Materials Management with stocking/inventory of supplies as needed.
    • Responsible for driving and delivering clinical supplies to satellite DNW offices (Fresno, Redding, etc.)
    • Responsible for ensuring all supplies delivered to a satellite facility are stocked appropriately.
    • Responsible for utilizing the materials management inventory tracking software when returning supplies from a satellite facility.
    • Performs scheduled monthly cleaning at the satellite facilities per DNW policy.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.
    • Completes any other equipment transport needs that may arise.

Donor Transport

    • Drives a DNW vehicle for donor pick up and/or drop off.
    • Effectively operates transport gurneys independently.
    • Performs an onsite assessment of the donor prior to transport to determine initial suitability. Contacts the AOC with any concerns prior to the transport.
    • Recognizes and completes documentation regarding any valuables or person items present on the donor, ensuring they are stored in a secure locker. 
    • Ensures necessary information regarding cooling is obtained and completes required paperwork.


    • Strong work ethic and ability to work independently with minimal instruction or supervision.
    • Must perform all tasks in a safe manner in compliance with DNW safety policies and according to applicable regulations.
    • Presents a professional image in performing position functions. Excellent customer service.


    • Required: High School graduate or GED equivalent.
    • Preferred: Previous fleet/commercial driving experience.

Required Availability

    • DNW is a 24/7/365 operation with a defined workday of 0700-0700.
    • Availability shifts are 24 hour periods.
    • Shifts may either be 0700-1900, 1900-0700 or 0700-0700.
    • Two separate 12 hour shifts will count as one 24 hour shift.
    • Required to work nights, weekends and holidays
    • Required to provide a minimum of 10 shifts of availability per month. Of the 10 shifts, required to provide a minimum of 6 shifts of weekend availability per month. Weekend is defined as Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    • Required to provide availability for 2 minor holiday shifts (i.e., Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day) per calendar year.
    • Required to provide availability for 3 major holiday shifts (i.e., Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day) per calendar year.
    • Required to submit to management an availability schedule in which the staff will provide days in which he/she is available to work no later than the 15th of the month in preparation for scheduling of the month following.


    • DNW has an open schedule and will call staff to report to work based on the availability as provided by the staff.  
    • General availability of staff is not controlled time and staff may decline to work when contacted. Staff will not be paid for being generally available to work. In other words, uncontrolled, non-activated time is not considered work time and is not compensable. DNW does not limit where staff members may go during uncontrolled time.  Staff members do not need to stay at home or at any other specific location, and are free to do what they wish unless and until management contacts them about a potential case assignment.  Staff members are not expected to constantly monitor their phones or email. Staff are not expected to call in or log-on just to inquire about activity levels and potential future cases.
    • A staff member should generally respond within fifteen (15) minutes of being summoned by management.  This does not mean staff members have fifteen minutes to begin work – it means staff members have fifteen minutes in which to respond and call in to find out what the potential work assignment may be. In some circumstances, case timing will not allow for management to wait 15 minutes for a return call and may need to summon a different staff member.
    • When a staff member is called and agrees to report to work, they are expected to report to work within one hour. If a staff member believes he or she will not be able to arrive at work within one hour from agreeing to report, management requests that, as soon as reasonably possible, the staff member inform management of the staff member's expected arrival time.
    • Management will give scheduling preference to those who prove to be most dependable and reliable in terms of quantity of availability, response, punctuality and performance.
    • Management will call staff in for work based on the availability provided and the logistics of the case; such as: location of the case, response time to the office, response time to recovery facility, staffing, training, tissue being recovered, Operating Room coordination and general activity levels.
    • Staff are not allowed to report to work unless instructed by management or scheduled to do so in advance.
    • Work begins when the staff member reports to work.  Unless otherwise explicitly instructed by management, staff members should not begin working at home or prior to reporting to the designated work location.


    • Staff are also required to perform some administrative work, such as training, policy review, meeting attendance and chart corrections.  All work time must be properly recorded using DNW’s timekeeping method.
    • Although staff are provided with equipment for remote work use, they are not expected or required to monitor or respond to routine emails or attend to administrative duties during uncontrolled, non-activated time. Administrative tasks, including timekeeping, email checking, policy review, and job-related paperwork, communications or phone calls, should be performed during activated time only. It is recommended that staff plan a two hour block of time each week, to attend to outstanding administrative duties.
    • In the event of a mandatory meeting, staff will be provided with advance notice.
    • Staff are not authorized, expected to, nor permitted to work from home except under the following specific guidelines. Staff may perform a maximum of two hours of administrative work from home in each pay period, without advance management approval.  Of course, staff should be properly clocked in when performing any work, and comply with all timekeeping, meal period and rest break policies regardless of work location.
    • “Off the clock” work is strictly prohibited.
$19.44 - $23.43 an hour
Provided compensation data is subject to change based on location and work status. Salary data provided by third party sites do not accurately reflect our pay structure.