Senior Infra Security Engineer

San Francisco, CA /
Engineering – Engineering /
We believe every company and its customers deserve great security. We strive to build tools that not only increase security but also empower teams to be more productive, which will help makes the internet a more secure place. We want you to have the career of your life. We invest in and support curious, mission-minded people who are committed to solving some of the toughest developer problems.

You’ll be joining an exceptionally lean, supportive, and fast moving team of self starter individuals, where being a major part of the story behind one of the most ambitious endeavors allows you to carve out your own significant contribution efforts. Plus, we are backed by some of the world’s best investors and entrepreneurs.

Doppler is growing and we encourage you to apply if you’re excited in joining us with prominent skin in the game as a critical hire of this exciting, enduring journey. If your experiences don’t exactly align with the job description, don’t fret — we are always open to applications that don’t perfectly match. Feel free to attach a note and let us know what makes you stand out, and what made you decide to take the non-traditional path.

We are looking for a Senior Infra Security Engineer with deep experience in securing cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes clusters, large web applications, and encrypting secure data both in transit and at rest. You will lead security initiatives and advise technical projects across the company.


    • Experience on a security engineering team, ideally as a technical lead.
    • Have secured public cloud deployments for infrastructure and applications running on the public cloud: GCP, AWS, and/or Azure.
    • Understanding of Linux systems primitives, and employing them in a security context.
    • Security expertise at scale. You’ve dove deep in either Application or Infrastructure Security, and possess some or all of the experience listed above for your discipline/area of expertise.
    • Continuous learning. You are constantly learning more about your area of security, staying on top of news of the latest vulnerabilities and trends in the industry. You also have a keen interest in and willingness to learn other areas of technical security engineering, and are able to ramp up quickly.
    • Software-as-a-Service experience. You understand the particular concerns of a SaaS company because you’ve operated in this environment. You are particularly motivated by the concerns of both the teams you partner within your company, and the customers who use the service.
    • Relationship building. You are able to develop trust relationships quickly with stakeholders across a business through your empathy and resourcefulness. You are known as a partner, rather than a blocker.
    • Creativity and flexibility. Problem-solving is more than a catch phrase for you. You approach new and novel challenges wondering how to make it work rather than how to shut it down, and seek multiple opinions and approaches when tackling difficult problems.


    • Have set up and/or ran a bug bounty program.
    • Performed application penetration testing using all resources at your disposal, especially source code.
    • Managed a large scale monolith server.
    • Worked on an encryption-as-a-service product.
    • Experience building resilient, scalable services.
    • A history of contributing to our community through code, documentation, mentoring, teaching, speaking, or organizing.
    • Enjoys helping growing development teams and making others better.
    • Secured a multi-tenant web application.
    • Experience triaging and resolving security vulnerabilities in the application layer.
    • Secured containerized applications running on Docker, Kubernetes, etc.
    • Created RBAC policies in a CI/CD environment.
    • Patched and remediated vulnerabilities at the systems level.

We know that looking for a new role can be both exciting and time-consuming, and we truly appreciate your effort. Tell us in your cover letter what you're really interested in building and why you want to build it at Doppler - we do love a good story.

Doppler is proud to be an equal employment workplace and affirmative action employer. By valuing inclusion and diversity of all forms, we strictly prohibit and do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, ancestry, citizenship, sexual orientation, status as a protected veteran, or any other legally protected characteristic.