Manufacturing Engineer (Shanghai | Hong Kong | Taiwan)

Hong Kong
Hardware – Quality
We are a newly-founded micromobility startup on a mission to improve European city life. We believe in a future where inner cities will be free of cars and pollution. And we believe we can make that happen by offering our dockless, shared electrical scooters and bikes as convenient alternatives for short-distance travel. Our mission is to beautifully design micromobility for safety, comfort, and durability.

We recently raised an initial investment of €20 million and just released €30 million series A funding, co-led by existing investors EQT Ventures and Naspers, through its Naspers Ventures division, Axel Springer Digital Ventures, Felix Capital, FJ Labs, U-Start Club and angel investors.

Dott is headquartered in Amsterdam and is now operating in Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Turin, Munich & soon launching in other European cities.

*Location is flexible and you can be working from Shanghai, Hong Kong or Taiwan!

我们聘请一名生产工程师,您将负责产品组装和制造过程的改进和优化。 您将负责设立最有效率, 最能保证质量的生产流程,同时考虑到生产流程中的法规条例,供应商的各种限制,规定,质检清单和组装工具。 您将与本公司的不同部门一起不断分析和改进这些流程。

As a Production Engineer you will be responsible for the improvement and the optimization of the assembly and manufacturing process for the products. You will decide the best possible montage flow and will take care of the assembly regulations, control plans, check lists and tooling within the current and new processes. You will constantly analyze and improve these processes together with different departments of the organization.

What you'll do:

    • 通过与生产合作伙伴一起分析和规划工作流程,空间要求和设备布局来提高制造效率。
    • 参加与欧洲工程团队的技术讨论,以提供有关DFM的直接反馈。
    • 通过研究产品需求来开发制造过程; 研究,设计,修改和测试制造方法和设备; 与设备供应商探讨最佳方案。
    • 通过设计检测标准和测试方法来确保产品和过程的质量; 测试成品和生产过程; 建立标准; 确认制造过程。
    • 通过分析组装流程,人工和材料成本以提供制造决策信息; 审查生产时间表; 提前规划生产时间表。
    • 通过收集,分析和总结生产信息和质量不良数据,与质量团队一起准备产品和过程报告。
    • 与制造商的供应链团队紧密合作,以有效地预测和计划生产所需的所有材料
    • 生产合作伙伴主要在亚洲地区

    • Improves manufacturing efficiency by analyzing and planning work flow, space requirements, and equipment layout together with production partners / EMS’s.
    • Attending technical discussions with the Engineering teams to provide direct feedback on DFM.
    • Develops manufacturing processes by studying product requirements; researching, designing, modifying, and testing manufacturing methods and equipment; conferring with equipment vendors.
    • Work closely with manufacturer’s supply chain team to forecast and plan effectively all materials required for production
    • Assures product and process quality by designing testing methods; testing finished- product and process capabilities; establishing standards; confirming manufacturing processes.
    • Provides manufacturing decision-making information by calculating production, labor, and material costs; reviewing production schedules; estimating future requirements.
    • Prepares product and process reports together with the quality team by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends.
    • Production partners are mainly located in Asia for this role

What you'll need:

    • 流利的普通话+基本的英语沟通能力
    • 勤奋, 愿意亲身上手参与生产过程
    • 愿意在生阶段在制造工厂(中国大陆)长期居留
    • 有团队精神
    • 有能力处理复杂的供应商关系
    • 管理/监督能力
    • 对制造方法和程序有很好的了解,
    • 制造质量
    • 向团队清晰的展示技术信息

    • Fluent in Mandarin + basic English communication skills 
    • Hands-on attitude
    • Willing to be physically present at manufacturing facility (in mainland china) for extended periods during production phase
    • Team player
    • Dealing with Complexity
    • Informing Others 
    • Supervision
    • Good understanding of Manufacturing Methods and Procedures, 
    • Manufacturing Quality
    • Presenting Technical Information

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