Scientist, Cancer Immunology


About Dragonfly
Founded in 2015 by Dr. Tyler Jacks, head of the Koch Institute at MIT, Dr. David Raulet, one of the world's leading experts in Natural Killer (NK) cell biology, and Bill Haney, a longtime tech entrepreneur and investor, Dragonfly Therapeutics develops novel first-in-class therapeutics targeted at Natural Killer cells and other cells of the innate immune system. Our therapies are designed to counterbalance immune suppressive factors present in the tumor microenvironment and mobilize anti-cancer immune responses, and are expected to be potent as single agents as well as in treatment combinations with existing cancer immunotherapies – such as T cell treatments.  Dragonfly’s Scientific Advisory Board and founders are major figures in cancer biology and immunology, and launched Dragonfly to harness the power of the immune system to provide breakthrough cancer treatments for patients. 

Scientist, Cancer Immunology
Dragonfly Therapeutics seeks an experienced and motivated Scientist to support the development of new cancer immunotherapies. The Scientist will work with Dragonfly’s team to discover and develop novel biologic drugs that stimulate immune responses against solid and hematologic cancers.
·         Play a key role in the development of new biologic drugs for cancer immunotherapy
·         Design and execute in vivo pharmacology studies in mice: drug dosing, tumor growth monitoring, blood/TIL/lymphoid tissue isolation and analysis, necropsy, pharmacokinetics, toxicity assessment
·         Purify immune cell subsets, particularly NK cells, from human and mouse blood/tissue samples, and maintain primary cell cultures
·         Develop and perform of cell- and ELISA-based immune assays, immunophenotyping, and IHC/IF
·         Troubleshoot assays and establish standard operating procedures as needed
·         Provide scientific expertise and train/direct others in research techniques
·         Interface and manage external collaborators and CROs as needed
·         Work collaboratively with the Dragonfly team
·         Ph.D. degree in immunology, cancer biology, or relevant field
·         4+ years of relevant research experience, industry experience preferred
·         Strong understanding of immunology and cancer biology
·         Expertise in handling primary T cells or NK/ILC cells from mice and patients/human donors
·         Experience with syngeneic and transplanted tumor models in mice
·         Mastery of cell-based immune assays, flow cytometry, and in vivo techniques for mouse studies
·         Ability to design, effectively communicate, and implement research plans efficiently
·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills and time management skills
·         Ability to work within a team, coordinating with other scientists and leading Research Associates
·         Self-motivated, conscientious, and enthusiastic about curing cancer

Thank you for applying with us!