Principal RA/Scientist, Cell Culture


About Dragonfly
Founded in 2015 by Dr. Tyler Jacks, head of the Koch Institute at MIT, Dr. David Raulet, one of the world's leading experts in Natural Killer (NK) cell biology, and Bill Haney, a longtime tech entrepreneur and investor, Dragonfly Therapeutics develops novel first-in-class therapeutics targeted at Natural Killer cells and other cells of the innate immune system. Our therapies are designed to counterbalance immune suppressive factors present in the tumor microenvironment and mobilize anti-cancer immune responses, and are expected to be potent as single agents as well as in treatment combinations with existing cancer immunotherapies – such as T cell treatments.  Dragonfly’s Scientific Advisory Board and founders are major figures in cancer biology and immunology, and launched Dragonfly to harness the power of the immune system to provide breakthrough cancer treatments for patients.

Principal RA/Scientist, Cell Culture
Dragonfly Therapeutics is seeking a highly motivated and experienced biopharmaceutical industry scientist with a strong focus on mammalian cell line and cell culture process development to join Biologics team. The successful candidate will serve as the Cell Culture Lead responsible for development of scalable mammalian cell culture processes and production of antibodies, bispecific antibodies, scFV, antibody-fusions and recombinant proteins.
·         Provide scientific and hands-on technical expertise in production of protein therapeutics candidates of different formats including but not limited to BsAB, scFV, Mabs, receptors and various antigens
- Optimize cell culture to improve the yield of protein expression in both transient and stable mammalian expression systems
·         Produce proteins in plates, shake flasks, bioreactors and Wave bags
·         Investigate cell lines, media and feed components to optimize titers
·         Lead GMP cell line development efforts through third party CROs
·         Participate in sequence analysis, cloning, vector construction and other molecular biology activities
·         Train junior personnel
·         B.S with 10+,  M.S with 8+  or Ph.D. with 2+ years of  industry experience (biotech, Pharma, CRO) versatile in different aspects of protein production in transient and stable mammalian cells
·         Extensive hands-on experience in mono- and bispecific antibody, scFV, antibody-fusion generation using transient ExpiCHO, Expi293, stable CHO pools and lines
- Previous experience with hybridoma cell culture would be a plus
- Experience with high throughput cell culture technologies
·         Hands on experience with bioreactors and wave bags
·         Proven ability to achieve high titers by process optimization and media and feed optimization
·         Knowledge of stable GMP cell line generation and experience working with CROs
- Hands-on experience with standard molecular biology skills including PCR,  DNA purification, molecular cloning, plasmid DNA purification, sequence analysis and  vector construction.
·         Efficient time management and ability to work on several projects simultaneously
·         Strong interpersonal skills and ability to effectively communicate with members of the multidisciplinary team

We look forward to reviewing your application! Please give us 10 business days to respond.

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