Laboratory Operations Manager


About Dragonfly
Founded in 2015 by Dr. Tyler Jacks, head of the Koch Institute at MIT, Dr. David Raulet, one of the world's leading experts in Natural Killer (NK) cell biology, and Bill Haney, a longtime tech entrepreneur and investor, Dragonfly Therapeutics develops novel first-in-class therapeutics targeted at Natural Killer cells and other cells of the innate immune system. Our therapies are designed to counterbalance immune suppressive factors present in the tumor microenvironment and mobilize anti-cancer immune responses, and are expected to be potent as single agents as well as in treatment combinations with existing cancer immunotherapies – such as T cell treatments.  Dragonfly’s Scientific Advisory Board and founders are major figures in cancer biology and immunology, and launched Dragonfly to harness the power of the immune system to provide breakthrough cancer treatments for patients.
Laboratory Operations Manager
Dragonfly Therapeutics seeks a Laboratory Operations Manager to join an exciting young company that is developing novel therapies that stimulate immune responses against solid and hematologic cancers. The successful candidate will manage daily lab operations and work closely with Dragonfly Scientists and Research Associates to ensure an efficient and fully-functioning laboratory.
·         Organize laboratory space and ensure it is well maintained and stocked with common lab supplies, reagents, stocks, lab coats and miscellaneous materials
·         Ensure a streamlined ordering and receiving process for all lab supplies including alignment with Finance for invoice processing
·         Establish and maintain relationships with external vendors and service providers to maintain cost-effective and smooth daily operations
·         Manage equipment installation, training, maintenance, service and repair
·         Support maintenance of laboratory records, inventories, and centralized repositories
·         Ensure Lab Compliance, including assisting in administering our Biosafety, Chemical Hygiene, and Emergency Action strategies and managing disposal of biohazardous and chemical waste
·         Work collaboratively with research teams and Finance, and build strong relationships with external stakeholders and service providers
·         Must be willing to be on call in case of urgent situations
·         B.S., B.A., or M.S. degree in biology or other relevant scientific discipline
·         A minimum of 5 years’ prior experience managing laboratory operations in a biomedical research setting with a demonstrated, high degree of autonomy
·         Familiarity with molecular, biochemical, and cell biology methods, reagents, and equipment
·         Experience with laboratory supply/resupply, procurement, and management
·         Knowledge of industrial safety and ability to effectively communicate and enforce lab policies
·         Strong organizational skills, and experience with MS Outlook, Word, Excel, and ability to rapidly pick up new computer and web applications; IT know-how is a major plus
·         Being pro-active and effective at time management is essential
·         Team player with good interpersonal skills; fluent in English

Thank you for your application! Please give our team 10 business days to respond~

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