TV Studio Operations Associate

New York
About Us

Dreams is a live internet TV channel launching in 2019. We are a small team in New York building the next generation of live broadcast television.

Studio Operations Associate Role

We are hiring a Studio Operations Associate to work on all aspects of operating a live TV studio. You will collaborate with our team to help operate our live production workflows, many of which are novel and use new technology.

The ideal candidate is a video generalist who loves diving into the technical details of cameras, lighting, audio, streaming, etc. You should feel comfortable solving problems on your own and taking full ownership of tasks as they come up.


    • Collaborate with our Technical Lead to operate our studio for various live productions
    • Learn how our systems work in detail, and be comfortable jumping in as needed to ensure cameras, lighting, audio, etc. run smoothly for broadcasts
    • Help build out new systems for various show concepts (teleprompters, additional cameras, new studio layouts, etc.)
    • Research and become the expert on new systems; dive into manuals and vendor research to help guide our studio buildout
    • Solve production challenges as they come up in a fast, frugal way


    • High-quality work samples of TV/video productions you’ve worked on
    • Comfort with the technical aspects of video: be capable of discussing framerates, LUTs, codecs, etc. (we will ask)
    • Strong interest in live TV/video production
    • Keen eye and ear for production quality; capable of spotting quality issues and resolving them quickly
    • Expertise in a specific production discipline (camera operation, lighting, sound mixing, and/or live production systems) is a major plus
    • Local to NYC and available to work from our midtown studio