Freelance News Editor

About Us
Dreams is TV for your phone. We broadcast new mobile TV channels in a simple, free app with no login.

We started Dreams to design TV for the most important device in our lives. Our team is rethinking the way TV looks, feels, and works on our phones. Everyone should be able to tune into great shows and live news with a single tap. The best TV is the one you have with you.

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About the Role
Our team of news editors help operate Newsflash, Dreams's own live news channel, which broadcasts feeds from international wire agencies including Reuters and AP. Editors use discerning journalistic judgement in scheduling the channel's upcoming broadcasts and covering breaking news as it arises, as well as write on-screen captions in real-time (like the ones you'd find at the bottom of a cable news channel). 

As we build out our nascent news channel into a 24-hour network, we're seeking freelance editors to expand our hours of coverage on a part-time basis. Our editors will remotely man the channel during early morning, late night, and weekend hours. This position is ideal for candidates living in time zones beyond Eastern Standard (i.e. Europe or the West Coast). Ideal candidates care deeply about the news, have sharp journalistic instincts, and can craft concise headlines and captions under pressure. Past experience working in a newsroom or as an editor is a plus. 


    • Ability to work remotely during early morning, late night, and/or weekend hours. 
    • Ability to respond quickly to breaking news and exhibit strong editorial judgement.
    • Ability to write concise, compelling headlines and captions. 
    • Previous writing and/or editing experience is a must.