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About Dreem:

Each and every night, around the world, hundreds of millions of people are trying to sleep but can’t. We’re in the middle of a global sleep crisis with serious ramifications for society. At Dreem, a team of 50 experts is on a mission to beat insomnia and build the sleep medicine of tomorrow. 

In the 7 years since Dreem’s creation, we’ve collected 2M nights of sleep data and helped thousands of people improve their sleep.  We also accumulated 25 patents and completed 4 full hardware iterations and 100s of software iterations.  We raised $60M from investors including Laurent Alexandre, Xavier Niel, MAIF, BPI and Johnson & Johnson - the world’s healthcare leader. Along the way we created a research network of 250 leading laboratories and hospitals and a scientific board with some of the most renowned neuroscientists and sleep experts in the world. 

Dreem is a fast-paced and dynamic work environment. The team’s fields of expertise encompass sleep research, neuroscience, mechanical engineering, machine learning, electronic design, embedded systems, testing, ergonomics, development of proprietary applications and software, design, and much more. Joining the team is challenging but hugely rewarding- working at Dreem means pushing the boundaries and being able to bring real positive change to people around the world. Ready to join the fight for better sleep? 

Specific Context

The company has been building a Digital Sleep Clinic, providing comprehensive patient care to answer the growing needs of people suffering from sleep disorders - from screening, diagnosis, to the treatment of insomnia and apnea. By facilitating access to remote care, while improving diagnosis and treatment methods, the Dreem Clinic is a unique alliance of advanced technology and sleep medicine, providing US payers with lower costs, improved clinical performance, and increased patient satisfaction.  

The Dreem Clinic services are also used in the context of clinical trials by over 250 research labs - including the Harvard Medical School, Brown University, Stanford University, Bard College, and 10 pharmaceutical companies.

About the Role

Dreem is a combination of small teams working hand in hand. As such a back-up entity is needed to check that everything works at the most important level: the user’s. The role of the testing team is to ensure that our products and developments are flawless and easy to use for the client. 

The new challenges of Dreem today are leading us to create multiple new hardware and software products in the sleep disease diagnosis and treatment field. Taking this into account, our testing team needs to be on multiple fronts at the same time and we are looking for a new member to extend our range of action. 

Job Description

Working with the product team, the R&D teams and also the Clinops team, your role is to test hardware and software prototypes to validate that they are rightly functioning and practical to use. And when a user is complaining about a particular feature, it is part of your job to understand why and where our product could be improved.

As stated above, the testing team is the bridge between the product team and the end users. 

When the product team is working on a new feature or hardware, it is your job to anticipate where the weak spots might be between the different R&D teams to ensure that the feature will be delivered flawlessly. To do so, you need to test that feature with a critical eye and place yourself in the end user's shoes, expecting an easy-to-use product that fits his/her needs. When it appears that several users are complaining about the product, as you have a high-level vision of the latter, your job is to try and find where the actual friction is to help the product team define an accurate solution.

The more the Dreem team grows, the more we work together on a same topic. The testing team acts as a glue to ensure that all of these people are aligned with the specifications or newly discovered issues.

Note that we are also aiming to become a medical device in the US. That added to the fact that we long to achieve optimal quality of our product, Dreem is currently raising its standards in terms of product delivery efficiency and overall quality.

Key Missions

Under the management of our Testing Engineer you will : 

      Maintain test suites of all the Dreem environments (applications, headbands firmwares, Dreem Portal) by updating current test cases and create new ones in accordance with the future requirements written by the Product team.
      Run non-regression campaigns for each new potential release of one of the Dreem applications, headband firmware and Dreem portal, and provide clear reporting about the release health.
      Participate in the managing of JIRA bug project for internal, production and beta issues, and be responsible for the reactiveness of the technical team.
      Participate in the management of our beta testers pool in with our dedicated partner and sort the issues detected by the external testers.
      Participate in the management and recruitment of internal and external testers in case a technical team needs a particular protocol and help them to define it.
      Participate in the design, management and deployment of hardware tests on our new products.  

About You

Above all, we are looking for an enthusiastic, ambitious and self-motivated team-mate, ready to take initiatives and make an impact, and willing to grow with us in order to fight for better sleep.
     Junior position (no or little experience)
    Engineering background 
    Great level of French
    Ability to communicate in English efficiently (international teammates and users )
    Resourceful, curious and organized
    Good relationship skills
    Ability to work proactively and effectively in a fast-paced environment
    Interest in new technology

Bonus: Knowledge in software or mechanical testing

Why you’ll want to join us @ Dreem: 

- A startup environment with lots of challenges and innovation: no time for boredom!
- You’ll collaborate and learn everyday with world-class talent who are experts in their field and passionate about their daily work: team spirit and progression assured! 
- You'll be kept informed of all progress of the company with weekly and monthly meeting led by the CEO;
- Being a Dreemer means working in a great office in Paris' city center (75003), and you will collaborate with our teams all over the world (Paris, NYC, Taipei);
- Remote friendly organization;
- Regular events (breakfasts, monthly parties, team-buildings, ...);
- Bonus: BSPCE (*for full time contracts), good health cover with Alan, Gymlib subvention, Swile Lunch card;
- Sleep with a headband 😴
- Our culture is reflected with a stellar Glassdoor rating :