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Drivetrain is on a mission to empower businesses to make better decisions. Our financial planning & decision-making platform helps companies scale and achieve their targets predictably.

Drivetrain is a remote-first company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 2021 by a couple of ex-Googlers, Drivetrain is a fast-growing company on a trajectory for success with backing from leading venture capital firms.

Drivetrain provides a great culture for its employees to thrive in and be happy. 

💜 Remote-friendly: Drivetrain brings together the best and the brightest, no matter where they are and provides them a great degree of autonomy. We trust our people.
🗣️ Open & transparent:  We know that when our creators have access to all the information they need, their best work will emerge.
👏 Idea-friendly:  We provide an environment to explore new ideas, to take risks, to make mistakes, and to learn, so you can succeed. Anyone in the company can come up with great ideas and become a catalyst for positive change. We let the best ideas win.
👥 Customer-centric:  We follow a product-led growth strategy, continuously  learning from our customers and collaborating to build the amazing software that Drivetrain is.

What you’ll be doing

Personalized product demos, Proofs of Concept, and hands-on workshops are all ways to assist in the sales cycle for activities that are solution-based solutions.
Present your industry and domain-specific experience with self-assurance to achieve the goal of conveying comprehension to potential consumers.
Provide evidence of the benefits to the company as well as the value of utilizing Drivetrain's platform.
Assume responsibility for the preliminary assessment and qualification of the client opportunity.
Ensure that you are competent in your product by staying current on new product advancements, product best practices, and new product offers.
Contribute a significant amount of vitality to the group.
Consider adopting an entrepreneurial mindset and bringing innovative ideas and a fresh point of view to all of your interactions, both internal and external.

What you'll bring to the role:

At least five years of experience in with multi-product solutions within the cloud-based financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and consolidation industry, or other application software focused on finance.
Workable understanding of accounting standards and processes, as well as financial planning and analysis (FP&A), as well as the accompanying issues and pains that the organization faces as a whole and the finance department in particular.
To be able to comprehend and explain the technical and business difficulties that are associated with the solution that the customer has presented.
Capabilities in communication (both verbal and written), organization, and management of time that are exceptional
Capability to carry out a strategy and exhibit ownership of the accomplishments.
A powerful executive presence and the ability to present effectively.
Capability to make decisions regarding opportunities and tasks.
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