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Drivetrain is on a mission to empower businesses to make better decisions. Our financial planning & decision-making platform helps companies scale and achieve their targets predictably.

Drivetrain is a remote-first company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 2021 by a couple of ex-Googlers, Drivetrain is a fast-growing company on a trajectory for success with backing from leading venture capital firms.

Drivetrain provides a great culture for its employees to thrive in and be happy. 

💜 Remote-friendly: Drivetrain brings together the best and the brightest, no matter where they are and provides them a great degree of autonomy. We trust our people.
🗣️ Open & transparent:  We know that when our creators have access to all the information they need, their best work will emerge.
👏 Idea-friendly:  We provide an environment to explore new ideas, to take risks, to make mistakes, and to learn, so you can succeed. Anyone in the company can come up with great ideas and become a catalyst for positive change. We let the best ideas win.
👥 Customer-centric:  We follow a product-led growth strategy, continuously  learning from our customers and collaborating to build the amazing software that Drivetrain is.


Own social media channels (LinkedIn & Twitter)
Build Leadership Profiles profile & secure LinkedIn Top Voice badge for Leadership team
SEO & content distribution - Create/ update Landing Pages on Webflow
Manage Webflow CMS (compress images, add alt tags, meta tags, etc.)
Improve subscriber base across all channels
MarkOps - Manage Webinar logistics
Maintain dashboard to: Track Social media performance (follower count, avg engagements per post, organic social traffic, etc.)
Inbound dashboard
Send monthly marketing newsletter (includes maintaining contacts list, warming up inboxes, switching domains/inboxes, and creating the content based on a template)

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