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We believe in a world where all cars are shared. Carsharing empowers people to get going in a smarter, easier way, while also having a positive impact on the environment and making cities more liveable. It’s this vision that propels us forward and inspires us to think even bigger.

Getaround is the world's leading carsharing platform with a community of more than 5 million users sharing thousands of car in more than 300 cities in the U.S and Europe.

Our team is collaborative, positive, curious, and engaged. We think fast, work smart, laugh often, and are looking for like-minded people to join us in our mission to disrupt car ownership and make cities better.

Your mission

We are looking for someone who enjoys being in charge of a project end-to-end: understanding customer needs alongside product managers, designing and implementing a great solution, shipping it to the real world and see the results. Someone who knows how to build a feature from the ground up and takes pride in being able to deliver great features that impact millions of users.

Our Tech Stack

• Ruby on Rails 5.2 with Ruby 2.6
• ES6, ReactJS with Webpack and Yarn for the frontend
• Lots of Rspec and Capybara/PhantomJS tests to be safe 
• Continuous integration with Docker and CircleCI to push to production multiple times a day
MySQL with multiple slaves and a dozen Redis instances to store things
• A solid internal bootstrap to avoid redesigning forms every week
Monitoring dashboards built with Telegraf + Influxdb + Grafana

Note that we aren't necessarily looking for someone with specific experience in our current tech stack: you can learn here - we know that a lot of programming languages are similar. We are however looking for someone willing and able to learn fast with some background in web development.

What you'll work on:

We are on a path to change the way people use cars in cities. We already have a lot of features used by our drivers and owners, but we need to accelerate on a few different domains, for instance:

• Improve the user experience by leveraging instant booking of cars and integration of hardwares to open doors with a smartphone.
• Detect fraud before it happens and reduce risk on the platform
• Build new components for our design system
• Continuously run A/B tests and look at the data to make sure the app is as good as it can be
• Scale the service and the codebase by extracting services from the main codebase

... and of course all developers are part of the product discussions. We think that it is important for people to have an impact, so we organise ourselves in squads focused on a specific mission.

What you'll bring to the table:

• Shipped and maintained code in production
• Experience with a MVC web framework (like Rails)
• Good knowledge of at least one backend language (like Ruby)
• Experience with a relational database such as PostgreSQL or MySQL
• Good communication skills, works well within a team
• Able to communicate in English

What we offer:

• A great engineering team with experience! A lot of us have been working with Rails since v1, some organise meetups and some even contributed.
• Recent and powerful hardware
• The peace of mind of a large test suite and pull requests to stay sane and ship often
• An international team of great and passionate people
• A remote friendly culture, with some remote allowed for this position

...and we think you'll also appreciate this:

• A solid engineering team with a lot of experience
• The peace of mind of a large test suite and pull requests to stay sane and ship often
• Getting to learn from your peers and to share your knowledge on the blog and in our internal presentations every two weeks
• A ticket to one technical conference of your choice each year
• Open source projects are being extracted from the codebase when appropriate
• We'll buy any non fiction books you want to read, and you'll get access to our growing library
• Offices in Paris, San Francisco, Berlin, London, Barcelona, New York...
• We often organise meetups in our office
• Tickets restaurants, a good health insurance
• "Hack days" to experiment with new technologies and ideas as well as other team events

No need for a resume, but Linkedin, Twitter and Github usernames are appreciated!

Don't hesitate to give our backend challenge a try.