Director of Marketing & Communications (1st PR/Marketing hire)

Seattle, Washington /
Sales & Marketing – Marketing and Media /
About DroneSeed:
Our mission is simple: Make reforestation scalable to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. DroneSeed is transforming a 300-million-acre global landscape deforested since the 1990s. It would take 300-years to replant this deficit with current tools. 

Our technology speeds up the process. DroneSeed uses heavy-lift drone swarms to reforest at scale after 🔥. We cut time to reforest from 3 years to 3 months. We’ve pioneered the drones and the backend required to operate swarms as a delivery solution over rough terrain. We survey sites and deliver to targeted areas of soil proprietary seed vessels that boost seed survival. Utilizing carbon credits, we double landowner investment in 18 months addressing the financial barriers to reforestation. 

About You
You've been a part of a team that has grown an audience. You've executed at the mid or top level and made the brand machine turn, you've learned lessons on campaigns, you're capable of stepping up and being fully responsible for running the brand machine for a company with a mission that matters. Storytelling and building trust are core to who you are and what you do. You love people and communities, you are curious about them both. You naturally evangelize the companies and products you love for their missions.

About the Role:
DroneSeed generates carbon credits by reforesting after wildfire. Carbon credit purchasers, traders, and the public need to trust the credits, that the trees grew, and tell the story behind the credits and the carbon credit system. This trust and education from story-telling affects the carbon credit price and project profitability. You’ll map the audiences, their leaders, mediums, and tell the story of each project and the company. You’ll manage a content creation process that’s repeatable and tells this story with art, technology, emotions, and protagonists. In the role you’ll dig deeply into who the audience is today and how we can grow that audience. You’ll create a process that delivers this and filters for quality. All the while, you’ll utilize known marketing and PR tools (interviews of execs, press releases, posts, cultivation of reporters, celebrity appearances) to educate and cultivate a relationship with the audience, as well as execute launch events under a cohesive PR strategy mobilizing some of the family offices of the top CEOs in the world. This is a role that requires 4-6 years of prior experience and reports directly to the CEO.


    • Curiosity about individuals and groups of people
    • Grow the community of ~10k followers across four platforms, determine the audience & content desired
    • Prepare all company messaging of a scientific and technical nature with the CEO 
    • Prepare CEO and leadership for interviews (TV, Reddit AMA’s, Radio, Podcasts, Posts) as part of content 
    • Manage a repeatable content creation process, generating ideas, filtering for quality
    • Manage large scale content creation projects: agencies, technical teams, celebs, press outlets
    • Cultivate relationships with reporters to get the content and messaging covered
    • Map communities and leaders with which the company intersects
    • Prepare pundits with outreach about the company
    • Create press releases and manage announcements
    • Vet inbound press inquiries for quality and intent
    • Manage digital media assets

A plus if you also have experience with:

    • Direct experience as part of a team growing 2 or more social media accounts to a minimum of 20k+ followers
    • Experience managing creative teams, events, and launches
    • Experience leveraging brands and celebrities
    • Have studied groups of people: Sociology, Anthropology, or Archaeology degree
    • Photo and video editing, managing editorial film and design review
Benefits of working at DroneSeed:

We’re focused on our mission and building better tools to mitigate climate change. The team brings together a diverse set of talents, backgrounds, and people to accomplish this goal. As an example, 4 of 5 members of the leadership team are from diverse groups, but we’re focused on the skills they bring in forestry and biology to interface with tech and logistics. Suffice it to say, neither our team or our business are traditional “tech.” Our business has atoms--like carbon. These aspects (and our hiring process) are what have led us to have a highly collaborative culture--a requirement to advance the current state of the art and mitigate the worst effects of climate change.
Additional benefits: Taking care of your health comes first. We cover 75% of your medical, dental, and vision premiums. Life outside of work matters. DroneSeed has a flexible paid time off policy, so take the time off you need - we don’t track vacation or sick time. 

Other Information:

Candidates must be eligible to work in the US. The company has consciously built a remote work culture and is accepting remote applications for this role. Person must be willing to travel to headquarters in Seattle every two months. This position will require travel domestically (US) and abroad, therefore requiring the candidate to have a US driver’s license as well as a passport and status conducive to international travel.

In any application cover letter, please highlight what motivated you to reach out to DroneSeed versus other opportunities. 
DroneSeed is an equal-opportunity employer and we are committed to building a diverse team. If you’re deeply committed to our mission and capable of supporting a busy executive team focused on growing a thriving startup, we’d love to speak with you.