Product Design Manager

Austin, TX
Hi! I’m Sally. I lead Product Design and User Research here at Duo Security.

You hear about data breaches in the news all the time, right? Some recent examples include: Target, Yahoo, and the Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee. At Duo, our mission is to rid the world of these data breaches, and Duo’s design team plays a critical role in that mission. Why? Well, it turns out that security is an incredibly interesting design problem! Most data breaches involve some form of human error — someone gets phished via an email scam, they use weak passwords, or they’re running out-of-date software. When human behavior is involved, design can help!

Our design team is focused on questions like:

- How can we, through our design decisions, get people to keep their software up to date?
- How do we drive the adoption of two-factor authentication (which protects your data, even when your password is stolen)?
- What information can we give to an IT Administrator that helps them secure their organization?
- Why don’t people throw away the dry whiteboard markers? Why?!

Our design team is pretty new, but we’ve already had a big impact on the product and the organization itself. We’ve helped secure our customers — folks like Facebook, Etsy, and Toyota. We’re leading the definition and design of brand new, novel products. We’re also facilitating design-led workshops and teaching our colleagues about design-driven product development. Design is highly regarded at Duo, and we can’t hire fast enough to keep up with the internal demand for our team’s help!

We need a Design Manager to support this growth

Does this sound like you?

    • You love coaching and mentoring designers and researchers, from junior to senior-level.
    • You love working closely with Product Managers and Engineering Leads, and are excited to bring your unique design-centric perspective to the table.
    • You take pride in building highly-collaborative teams.
    • You care deeply about shipping beautifully-designed products.
    • You want to actively participate in creating a great place to work.
    • You drive results for the business, while upholding our “kinder than necessary” value.
    • You noted — and appreciated — the proper use of emdashes in this job posting.
    • You’re certainly not vain, but you can’t help but think: this would be amazing resume-fodder, leading a design team at one of the top-performing SaaS companies of all time!
    • You want to lead us through leveling-up our product, making it more beautiful and even delightful. Delightful security software? Why the heck not?!
Does this sound like it was written for you? Excellent! Please apply and let’s explore this together.