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About Easy Agile

Easy Agile is an Australian founded bootstrapped start-up. We have four products built on top of Atlassian’s flagship product Jira, sold via the Atlassian Marketplace. Profitable from year 1, we are on a truly unique journey with an emphasis on work/family/community/self balance, while growing a high-performing team. Due to our extremely fortunate position, we are driven by giving back to our community and our people - enabling our people to live the lives they only dreamed of.

Our HQ is in Wollongong and we have an office in Sydney, but you can find us scattered along the coast anywhere from Brighton to Tweed Heads. We offer flexible working, so you can be based anywhere in Australia! We optimise for collaboration and connection face to face as a team each quarter.

We believe that being agile is a mindset, and that true agility unlocks a team’s potential to be happier at work, have more impact in the solutions they’re building, and be more focused on their customer’s success! That’s why our purpose is to help organisations realise the benefits of being agile. We’re proud to call over 1,900 companies our customers, including Netflix, Harvard, Amazon, Lego, Mercedes and Twitter.

About the role

As Easy Agile’s Head of Marketing you will bring your creative spark to our brand and through strategic marketing, partnerships, and product initiatives you will optimise our customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth.
Reporting to our COO, you will own the creation and evolution of our marketing strategy, ensuring we continue to grow a sustainably profitable business. You will lead a team of product marketers and a designer, driving capability growth across the marketing org, whilst rolling up your sleeves and getting in the weeds when necessary.

We have always been a Product and Engineering led business that strives for Product-led growth. In addition to our direct channel, we work closely with solution partners in the Atlassian ecosystem, who promote our products when helping customers with agile transformations. This makes our Go-to-Market opportunity unique and impactful. Without a sales function, we need a marketing leader who collaborates with Product, Partnerships and Customer Experience to ensure we are getting our products in front of the right customers and in the right places.

You can be based anywhere along the East Coast of Australia, with the option to utilise one of our two offices in Wollongong or Sydney as well as attending quarterly team events. You will be required to do occasional travel, representing Easy Agile at 1-2 conferences a year, in the USA or Europe. 

To really understand this role, let’s fast-forward to your 2 year anniversary at Easy Agile to see what you have achieved:

    • You have been instrumental in accelerating our growth, increasing the number of Easy Agile customers and maximising revenue.
    • You’ve helped accelerate the careers of our Marketing team, enabling them to elevate their thinking and chase down their goals.
    • You’ve taken our evolving product suite to market, overseeing successful launches for new products and ensuring the entire product suite is well positioned.
    • You’ve established where and how to invest the marketing budget to achieve the highest ROI, ensuring our CAC and LTV numbers are well balanced for sustainable growth. 
    • You’ve optimised our buyer journeys and systematised these journeys using the latest technology and approach. 
    • You’ve helped create pricing and packaging strategies that enable customers to quickly find value in the solutions they are seeking.
    • Easy Agile has expanded it’s presence as a source of knowledge and is genuinely helping organisations realise the benefits of being agile.
    • The Marketing vision, strategy and roadmap is clearly understood across the company, working in harmony with Product, Partnerships and Customer Experience, so each pillar delivers on our shared vision.

About you:

    • You are growth focused and have experience crafting and executing marketing investment strategies tailored to B2B SaaS companies. 
    • You are equally comfortable with running top of funnel, digital marketing campaigns as you are with growth marketing strategies to maximise conversion and activation.
    • You’ve successfully launched new products to market, differentiating them from the market through brand positioning, pricing and packaging. 
    • You’re data obsessed and excel in defining, deriving insights and forecasting outcomes at all stages of the marketing funnel, steering the strategy accordingly. 
    • You’re a creative and critical thinker and bring bold ideas to the table, empowering your team to move forwards with confidence.
    • You have a solid understanding of SaaS Metrics and hands-on experience in how the marketing metrics correlate with overall company performance.
    • You have experience building an efficient and effective top of funnel machine to maximise lead generation - i.e. minimise waste and maximise outcomes.
    • You’re customer focused and understand how to effectively target, engage and retain customers, whilst continuously improving the customer lifecycle and buyers journey. 
    • You are a people-first, empathetic leader who has successfully led Product Marketers and Designers to grow in their careers. You apply situational leadership and know when to be hands on, working by someones side and when to create space for them to own it.
    • You have a knack for collaborating cross-functionally to shape, align on and deliver strategic objectives.
To support you at work and play, here are the fantastic benefits and perks you’ll enjoy at Easy Agile

- Unique and generous Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP).
- Flexible working options (because we value outcomes over output).
- Four paid volunteer days a year to dedicate to your favourite cause.
- An annual learning allowance of $5,000 to help you up-level your skills.
- Bi-annual hackathon days to explore new ideas.
- 2% in additional superannuation contributions per annum.
- Company-funded parental leave (20 weeks full pay for the primary caregiver and 6 weeks for the secondary caregiver).
- Summer sessions where you get half days off on Fridays (Dec-Feb) to enjoy the amazing weather as you please.
- $2000 to put towards your home-office fit out (if you choose to work from home).
- Quarterly team off-sites to invest in collaboration and connection.
- Opportunities to travel overseas to conferences to learn more about our customers and agile.

People over perfection
If you are excited about this role but not sure if you meet all of the criteria, please apply. Research shows women and minority groups are less likely to apply for roles where they don't meet 100% of the criteria. We value punching above our weight and people over perfection, so go ahead and apply - we'd love to hear from you.