Research Analyst

Boston, Massachusetts /
Community Insights – Professional Services /
Full Time
Emsi Burning Glass is driving the national conversation around some of the most critical issues facing workers and job markets. A Research Analyst on the Applied Research Team is expected to play a vital role supporting our public and client-based research.
Key Responsibilities
       Leverage labor market data to address client needs in education, government, and the private sector through a combination of data analysis and narrative and visual storytelling.
Data Analysis:
-        Manipulate big data by querying, sub setting, aggregating, and transforming data from job postings, resumes, and public and third-party sources
-        Integrate (join or merge) internal and external datasets to enable robust analyses
-        Compare summary statistics on supply and demand across industries and geographies
-        Construct indices to measure labor market concepts such as innovation and digitization
-        Perform trend analyses to measure changes in job characteristics over time
-        Write custom data queries to identify emerging jobs and skills

Narrative and visual storytelling:
-        Generate first drafts of client-ready outputs in Excel and PowerPoint
-        Contribute to written reports on research outcomes
-        Work with designers to develop reports, websites, or other collateral
-        Participate in client meetings and presentations
-        Present research to the Applied Research team and other Burning Glass teams
       Deliver successful outcomes for clients through on time execution of assigned tasks and project milestones.
       Contribute to positive team dynamics by participating in team-building activities and being a supportive colleague.

       Contribute to the company’s growth by joining internal projects, such as those that develop data models for new products and initiatives.

       Contribute to tool and project documentation, such as summarizing overall project methodology and detailing steps to facilitate reproducibility.
       Demonstrate professional growth in research sophistication, client-readiness, and team leadership

Growth is expected in a majority of the following areas:
-       Contribute to increasingly complex project assignments
-       Perform more advanced queries and analyses
-       Contribute to novel research methodologies
-       Develop domain-specific knowledge that corresponds to Applied Research project areas
-       Achieve advanced proficiency in data visualization
-       Demonstrate strong client-facing presentation skills
-       Develop project management capabilities
-       Identify and capture client and stakeholder needs and integrate client and stakeholder input to maximize project value
-       Assume more client- or stakeholder-management responsibilities
-       Collaborate across teams at Burning Glass, for example connecting research to work in Ontology or Product
-       Lead internal projects, such as those that strengthen the Applied Research team or advance internal research initiatives
-       Lead external, client-facing projects that form an important part of an overall client engagement
-       Identify areas of interest and develop goals for professional development

Contingent on organizational needs, company performance, and professional growth, advancement to Senior Research Analyst may occur in 18-24 months. Opportunities within Burning Glass also exist on the Data Science, Product Development, and Customer Success teams.
Emsi Burning Glass is an equal opportunity employer.