Information Technology (IT) Manager

Moscow, ID
Full Time
Emsi is looking for an Information Technology (IT) Manager to lead our IT, networking, and systems professionals. In this role, you would be responsible for all information technology used in our organization.

This is an involved leadership role – you will be strategically examining the short and long-term needs of Emsi and proactively pursuing a vision for Emsi’s systems, applications, and infrastructure over time. Our organization is growing quickly, and we require robust and secure systems that not only satisfy our basic needs, but also add integrated, strategic value to Emsi’s operations over time.

In this position you will:

    • Be an effective leader and manager for our four employees in IT, Network Engineering, and systems development/coding. The IT team would scale as business needs dictate.
    • Strategically use systems to facilitate better communication between different departments and job roles within Emsi.
    • Maintain fiscal oversight for different Systems/IT/Networking budgets worth a combined total of more than $1 million/year, fiscal oversight will mean seeking to save money where there is not a clear value proposition so that we can invest where there is, negotiate with vendors to achieve the best rates, and be transparent with those driving/incurring cost about the financial impact of their decisions.
    • Maintain detailed tracking of performance and availability/uptime for all relevant systems, networks, and applications. Set goals for the same.
    • Engage with engineering and data leaders at Emsi in particular, soliciting their input on areas that IT could add to their productivity and capacity.

More specifically, you will be responsible to oversee:

    • Distribution, maintenance, and ongoing support of all IT hardware for Emsi employees (laptops of all kinds, smartphones, monitors, etc.) Retirement and sale of old equipment.
    • All communications software and hardware for Emsi employees, both internally and externally focused (email, conferencing, VOIP, instant messaging, website chat functionality, Confluence, helpdesk tickets, GitLab, etc.)
    • Software used by HR and Accounting/Finance (Quickbooks, ADP, recruiting software, Excel, etc.)
    • Physical security of the Emsi main building (cameras, alarms, electronic key cards, etc.)
    • Digital security related to all Emsi hardware and software (compliance with a wide range of security protocols, Windows Domain administration, Okta single sign-on administration, Verizon remote security administration, etc.) Involvement in IT and digital aspects of PII security and GDPR.
    • Internet distribution on the Emsi premises, both via WiFi and Ethernet
    • Extensive network engineering functionality: infrastructure for network and on-premise servers, data center management responsibility; maintenance of production web and database servers, admin of core network services and user authentication, maintenance and testing of backup systems, etc.
    • Customer Relationship Management software (SalesForce) and everything pursuant to it: data integrity, reporting and analytics, improving user experience, coding custom automation, integration with user email and other communications, integration with Marketing, integration with Accounting/Finance, etc.
    • Domain registration, DNS, and SSL certificate management
    • Preparing and executing disaster plans to keep the company operational in the event of a crisis
    • Establish/maintain relationships with equipment vendor/suppliers

Desired experience and skills

    • CCSP certification
    • Leadership and management of an IT team
    • Oversight of a meaningful budget
    • Debian Linux, MySQL, Samba, and NFS
    • Windows Server
    • Salesforce and JIRA administration
    • Security audits and compliance
    • Salt or similar configuration management