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A New Food System in which Quantity & Quality can Coexist

Our food systems produce more calories than society needs and are incentivized to yield the greatest quantity of food at the lowest possible cost. We have succeeded in optimizing a single outcome - a calorie rich world. But success has come at a huge toll: a global, multifaceted environmental and health crisis. 25%+ of global GHG emissions are generated from farm to fork and the negative impacts of agriculture, food production and land-use on climate cost us $3 trillion USD per year. Meanwhile, our current diets are responsible for a 70% increase in obesity affecting 1.5Bn people, and the costs of diet-related chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, cancer) amount to $13 trillion/year. 

At Edacious, we believe food should be plentiful AND nutritious. As the impacts of yield-obsessed food production on human and environmental health become clear, the ability to measure nutrition as easily as we measure yield becomes critical. Why? There's mounting scientific evidence that the healthiest foods come from farming practices that are best for the planet and the most nutritious food is also the most flavorful and sustainable. Our vision is to shift the food system so it may better serve consumers, producers, and our planet and our mission is nutritional transparency.

Measuring & Comparing Food Quality Through a Nutrition & Climate Lens

Edacious is a multi-disciplinary technology company. We are chemists, designers, engineers, and systems-thinkers who believe that nutrition can be used as a lever to impact climate change at scale by accelerating the production and demand for healthier, climate-smart foods. To achieve this, we create novel analysis tools and generate actionable data for producers to understand the factors behind more nutritious food providing a roadmap to improve their operations and for buyers to know the nutritional quality of the food they purchase so they can make better decisions for their health, wallets and the environment. 

Our laboratory science team is focused on building novel food datasets generated from mass spectroscopy instrumentation to enable the understanding of the true complexity & variability of food. 
The Lab Technician is responsible for contributing to the day-to-day operation of the lab. This includes, but is not limited to, using analytical instruments (LCMS, GCMS, ICP-MS) for the analysis of complex food matrices, performing routine laboratory maintenance, and assisting with background research and method development. The successful candidate will work closely with the lab group that consists of other laboratory technicians, chemists and scientists. To succeed in this role, you should thrive in a fast paced startup environment within a multidisciplinary team and enjoy being in the lab, analytical chemistry, delivering results in a timely manner and working on method development. 

Day to day responsibilities

    • Support laboratory management, including all lab processes related to sample receiving, preparation, processing, analysis, and reporting. 
    • Extract and analyze samples from complex food matrices using LC-MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS following established SOPs in accordance with QMS (Quality Management System) and H&S protocols. 
    • Perform routine equipment maintenance under the guidance of the lab manager.  
    • Assist in method development for analyzing new materials and compounds, investigate modifications to improve current methods for new product matrices, and verify new or altered methods that are appropriate for intended use with support from the lab manager. 
    • Complete cleaning assignments, waste disposal, equipment checks as required, and document completed tasks.
    • Thorough note-taking to maintain metrological traceability of all measurements.
    • Maintain meticulous records and manage inventory efficiently utilizing LIMS software. 

Preferred skills

    • Previous experience (2+ years) working in a scientific laboratory and performing routine tasks related to extracting analytes and operating analytical chemistry instruments (LC-MS, GC-MS, ICP-MS).
    • Previous experience working with food matrices is a big plus.   
    • Ability to perform basic laboratory calculations and accurately measure substances, liquids and solutions whilst conforming to H&S protocols. 
    • Ability to follow guidelines, SOPs, protocols, instructions and then work autonomously whilst also detecting and troubleshooting issues independently or with proposed solutions.
    • Experience in an ISO 17025 work environment.
    • Willingness to learn new techniques. 
    • Capable of communicating clearly and collaboratively with colleagues and cross-functional teams.
    • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and adaptable to shifting priorities.
    • Detail oriented and well organized. 


    • College degree in Chemistry, Biology, Medical Science, or other scientific disciplines. 

    • If you exceed these requirements please still apply as we're willing to level set based on skills and qualifications. Please explain in your cover letter why this applies to your situation.
$55,000 - $75,000 a year
Flexible vacation policy.
Paid holidays.
Health, vision, and dental insurance.
401k with 4% company match.
Equity: 0.05-0.1%, depending on qualifications and experience.
The job is based in Marlborough, MA and it is expected that you will be present 5 days per week at the lab.
Candidates will need a driver's license and must undergo a background check.
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.
This job requires a permanent work visa for employment in the U.S.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity is the foundation of life and has created this beautiful world we live in. Just as nature has shown us the importance of diversity in biology, it is critical to build this diversity into our social structures. To the extent that we can build communities and teams that work in symbiotic and constructive ways, contributing to greater levels of productivity and resilience, the more successful we will be. We wish to attract diverse individuals in experience, perspective, and culture. Our company must represent the broader global food system if we are to be successful in this endeavor and so we seek to recruit and build teams that represent the beautiful diversity of people and life present on this planet.