Senior Scientist – Spectroscopy, Chemometrics

Marlborough, MA /
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Full Time
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About the Company
At Edacious, we believe food should be plentiful AND nutritious. As the impacts of yield-obsessed food production on human and environmental health become clear, the ability to measure nutrition as easily as we measure yield becomes critical. Why? The most nutritious food is also the most flavorful and sustainable. Our mission is nutritional transparency, and our vision is to shift the food system so it may better serve consumers, producers, and our planet.

We are chemists, engineers, and systems-thinkers. We create novel hardware, software, and analysis tools for producers to understand the factors that produce more nutritious food and for buyers to know the nutritional quality of the food they buy. We are looking for teammates who are passionate about food, the food system, and human or environmental health!

The Job
Edacious is seeking a highly skilled, experienced, and motivated vibrational spectroscopist and/or physicist/biochemist with a strong understanding and background in chemometrics to develop novel multi-modal, high-throughput systems & models that measure food biochemical and nutritional properties. You will lead the company’s efforts to develop spectroscopic systems and modeling capabilities.

More details about the role:

    • The candidate has both theoretical and practical knowledge of the different types of spectroscopy (NIR, MIR, FTIR, UV, VIS, Fluorescence, Raman, XRF) and their application to food characterization.
    • The work will involve developing methods and collecting data from various spectrometers, and then building models for food nutrient composition analysis.
    • Requires extensive knowledge and expertise in signal processing, classification, statistical analysis, regression analysis, covariance, clustering, model selection and model transfer.
    • Responsibilities will include assisting in the development of analytical and biochemical methods, validation, and use of methods for the analysis of food components.

You ideally have the following:

    • MSc/ PhD degree in biochemistry, organics chemistry, analytical chemistry and/or forensic science with 7+ years of experience.
    • Advanced experience in developing code (Matlab, Python) and familiarity with machine learning algorithm normally used for analysis and classification of spectroscopy data.
    • Good knowledge of biology, chemistry, and optical material properties are required.
    • Advanced knowledge of optics including lasers, interferometry, lenses, optical fibers, light sources and sensors, etc. is a plus.


    • Job is based in Marlborough, MA, USA with remote days possible. We are not accepting international applicants.
    • Salary is commensurate with education and experience. 
    • All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.
    • Applicants are being interviewed on a rolling basis. A cover letter is expected.
$135,000 - $165,000 a year

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Diversity is the foundation of life and has created this beautiful world we live in. Just as nature has shown us the importance of diversity in biology, it is critical to build this diversity into our social structures. To the extent that we can build communities and teams that work in symbiotic and constructive ways, contributing to greater levels of productivity and resilience, the more successful we will be. We wish to attract diverse individuals in experience, perspective, and culture. Our company must represent the broader global food system if we are to be successful in this endeavor and so we seek to recruit and build teams that represent the beautiful diversity of people and life present on this planet.