Cloud Java Developer

Software Development
Are you keen to work on microservices with the best technologies? APIs called millions of times every month from all over the world?

EdgeLab is passionate about crafting outstanding software and we need a talented software engineer to join our growing team.

What You'll Do

    • Application design from conception to deployment
    • Ensure your code functions as designed by creating automated tests, which execute in our continuous delivery pipeline
    • Instrument your code so we can measure how it’s performing in production
    • Work on the different services we provide internally to other teams and externally to clients 
    • Help others around you grow as developers and be successful
    • Work with Java, Spring, Kotlin, Go, Reactor, Cassandra, Redis, Docker, ELK, Grafana, etc.

What You Need

    • Proficiency with Java
    • High quality code covered with extensive tests
    • Strong interest and curiosity for cutting-edge technologies
    • Great interpersonal skills and enjoy operating in a fast paced team setting

Your Mindset

    • A self starter, fearless about asking questions when you don’t know the answers, with ‘getting things done’ attitude to work 
    • Passionate about learning new technologies and ideally write some code outside of work from time to time (if you don’t have time because of family obligations etc, we totally get it) 
    • Bonus! You contribute to open source projects or demonstrate participation in software communities

Why Us

    • We strongly advocate humility, curiosity and pragmatism - which is evident by the way we work 
    • Every team gets to choose its own stack, based on what would best solve the problem, and we are always eager to learn new things 
    • We foster developer empowerment and keep management layers and meetings to a minimum 
    • We believe in hacking and experimentation over lengthy discussions
    • If you want to look back on your career and know that you were a vital part of building an awesome company, this role is definitely for you
Our Recruitment Process

It consists of several stages, each one allowing us get to know you better. You also gain a better understanding of our culture and the work we do at EdgeLab.

1. CV review
2. Quiz to quickly assess your knowledge of Java
3. Coding challenge
4. Soft interview
5. Technical interview with developers

It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks based on your availability and convenience.