Senior Prototyping Engineer - Mechanical Design

San Carlos, CA or Natick, MA /
Prototype Engineering /
Electric Hydrogen is looking to expand our Prototype Engineering team. The company mission is clear: Decarbonize all that is hard to decarbonize. Solar steel mills, wind-powered cement plants, renewable fertilizer plants. All these things are out of reach now. We will change that.

In order to reach that victory condition, we need to learn as quickly as possible how to build these high-performance systems quickly and cheaply. The Prototype team will be responsible for delivering pathfinder equipment, parts and systems at an extraordinary pace.

As a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, you will be responsible for the design and deployment of the mechanical portion of these systems. This includes mechanical design, analysis, tolerance stack ups, material selection, drawings and assembly/test. This is done in a context of a high-ownership culture where our target is to complete a full design cycle every 6-12 weeks, with weekly revisions on components as needed.

Role reports to the Director of Prototype Engineering in the SF Bay Area. Position will be onsite at our Lab in Natick, MA or in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


    • Mechanical design of prototype components and systems for next generation electrolysis equipment, in a high-ownership culture. With support from the team, you will drive multiple engineering projects to completion, concept to implementation.
    • Pushes for a rapid-iteration culture, with a deep understanding of how to move fast.
    • Fosters strong relationships between stakeholders, ensuring we are solving the right problems, the right way at the right times.


    • Have pushed at least 10 projects from inception to fabrication, averaging 30 parts a year over 5-7 years. Each project must have required analysis, materials selection, design, drawings, fabrication and test
    • CAD mastery
    • Knowledge of fluid handling systems such as hydraulics, pneumatics, CNG and/or cryogenics
    • Direct experience with engineering materials like 6AL4V, 7075-T6, PTFE, 316L, C172, 440C
    • Knowledge of modern fabrication processes like 5-axis milling, turning, EDM, laser welding
    • Familiarity and experience with engineering software tools such as FEA and CFD, as well as basic spreadsheet modeling of mechanical systems
    • Knowledge of electrical and software systems required for automation and/or data acquisition
    • Experience working with academic researchers
    • Hydrogen gas experience
    • Rocket propulsion experience
    • Lots of fun hobby projects like a solar powered bike, RC planes or your own 3d printer
    • Leadership experience in volunteer organizations
    • BSME, MS in mechanical engineering
    • Passion for decarbonization highly preferred
Electric Hydrogen offers the best benefits possible.  We pay 100% of all employees’ health/dental/vision/disability insurance premiums and 100% of the premium for their immediate family.  This is for all of our employees.  We feel strongly that our team should not have to worry about having quality healthcare.  We also offer a generous 401k match and an unlimited time-off policy.


Electric Hydrogen is a team of the world’s leading experts in scaling technologies for the post-carbon world, with a proven record in transforming the grid and transportation sectors.  Backed by some of the world’s top venture capital firms, the Company designs and manufactures electrolytic hydrogen systems matched to renewable power sources to generate green hydrogen by splitting water.  Electric Hydrogen is building a cost-effective and transformative path between renewable energy and multiple large industrial sectors. Abundant and low-cost renewable energy sources will power the world, and Electric Hydrogen technology will use this energy to decarbonize industry through sustainable materials. The Company was founded in 2020 and is based in California and Massachusetts.

Electric Hydrogen is an equal opportunity employer.