Chemical Process Engineer - Senior or Staff Level

San Carlos, CA /
Engineering /
Electric Hydrogen’s mission is to create an abundant and decarbonized material future and our outstanding people are our most important asset.  Our goal is to deliver hydrogen from renewable electrolysis for heavy industry, at prices below fossil fuels.

In this role, you will use your background in Chemical Engineering to architect low cost solutions to a large scale hydrogen production plant. Specifically, you will help lead the design, development, and deployment of a modular first-of-a-kind hydrogen plant based on our unique electrolyzer technology. You're right for this role if you are a self-motivated team player excited to leverage the power of chemical engineering to improve the environment.

This position is based in San Carlos, CA.

Roles and Responsibilities

    • Develop a large scale electrolysis-based hydrogen production plant, optimized for lowest total system cost
    • Create a modular process skid based first-of-a-kind hydrogen plant design suitable for easy and economical scale up
    • Practice chemical process design for large flows, pressures, and temperatures of water, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.
    • Get hands on in the lab to build prototypes, develop model correlations, ground assumptions, and refine new technologies
    • Apply industry experience to ensure cost effective plant architecture selection and development
    • Interface with component vendors and system fabricators to develop understanding of cost tradeoffs, then work with those vendors to source optimized components and subsystems
    • Help drive company strategy for make vs. buy decisions

Required Experience and Professional Qualities

    • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or similar
    • 5+ years industry experience in oil & gas, power, chemical processing, cooling and chilling, or water systems
    • Hands on field experience with the engineering, procurement, and construction of large scale plants
    • Proven track record of innovation, simplifying systems, reducing cost, and improving efficiency – ideally both during the design phase and for installed equipment
    • Demonstrated ability to strategically guide development activities for maximum rate of learning
    • Ability to strike a balance between being scrappy, entrepreneurial, quick, and high-level systems-thinking while also being quantitative, diligent, detail oriented, and clear at communicating

Preferred Experience

    • Master's degree or higher in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or similar
    • Design, fabrication, and deployment of modular process skids, pilot plants, and first of a kind
    • Process modeling and cost modeling with software like Aspen HYSYS, Matlab, etc.
    • Familiarity with the properties and handling requirements of hydrogen, oxygen, and deionized/ultrapure water
    • Experience with plant certification, compliance, and safety per IEC, CE, UL, NFPA, and other codes
    • Experience at startups or early stage companies
Employee Benefits
Electric Hydrogen offers the best benefits possible.  We pay 100% of all employees’ health/dental/vision/disability insurance premiums and 100% of the premium for their immediate family.  This is for all of our employees.  We feel strongly that our team should not have to worry about having quality healthcare.  We also offer a generous 401k match and an unlimited time-off policy.

About Electric Hydrogen

Electric Hydrogen is a team of the world’s leading experts in scaling technologies for the post-carbon world, with a proven record in transforming the grid and transportation sectors.  Backed by some of the world’s top venture capital firms, the Company designs and manufactures electrolytic hydrogen systems matched to renewable power sources to generate green hydrogen by splitting water.  Electric Hydrogen is building a cost-effective and transformative path between renewable energy and multiple large industrial sectors. Abundant and low-cost renewable energy sources will power the world, and Electric Hydrogen technology will use this energy to decarbonize industry through sustainable materials. The Company was founded in 2020 and is based in California and Massachusetts.

Electric Hydrogen is an equal opportunity employer.