Senior Software Engineer | Front-end

San Francisco, CA
Engineering, Design, Product
Full Time - Remote
Are you excited to work for Elektra Labs and support our flagship product, Atlas? What's Atlas? You're right to ask!

Atlas supports organizations that are measuring digital biomarkers in remote research (e.g., decentralized clinical trials), and clinical care. We interviewed over 300 stakeholders in pharma, biotech, and CROs to develop Atlas, and it's become the only comprehensive resource available to organizations that seek to deploy connected health technologies in clinical trials or research studies.

As a front-end engineer you will work tightly with the design team to implement, deploy, and design product (you have a lot to say about this too!). Coordination with the back-end team is crucial, and a familiarity with that end of the stack is preferred... for nothing other than to facilitate a good conversation with the rest of the team.

You're going to have a good time here if

    • You're excited to bring your experience in UX/UI to help influence product growth, and have experience to bring to the team.
    • You've been keeping up with the React ecosystem and have strong feelings about your preferred toolset.
    • You appreciate that you live in the age of ES7.
    • You haven't written pure CSS since frameworks like styled components, PostCSS or SASS became a thing.

Know how to work the following features into your front-end work

    • Are will aware that performance and usability is a team effort and can work with the rest of the team to achieve the best results.
    • Understand tools for React Server Side Rendering and webpack.
    • Redux, and have witnessed instances when it should be used, and when to run away from it.
    • Data modeling, and could push back if the back-end team said something that seemed like kind of a bad idea in your experience.

Fundamental skills to support application development

    • Git hygiene is very high on your list of important things. We are a distributed engineering team, and will need someone that can fork-and-branch, merge/rebase, and submit pull requests in a way that doesn't render the repository an illegible mess.
    • This wont happen often (or hopefully at all), but you could save the sysadmin a 1:00am wakeup to get through a small problem.

Experience that will contribute to our success as an organization

    • You've had success on a team that worked on product end-to-end, and can take full control of the front-end of the stack, but have a good talk about the back-end and be able help the back-end team with engineering decisions.
    • A demonstrated ability to ship bug-free code on-time.
    • Have the ability to recognize responsibilities outside your job title and own them.
    • Appreciate the intricacies of working on remote-friendly teams and have some perspective on how to help the team thrive in such an environment.
Elektra Labs is a healthcare-security company building a pharmacy for connected technologies (e.g., wearables, biosensors). By 2023, an estimated 5 million individuals will be remotely monitored by healthcare providers. In the digital era of medicine, Elektra Labs is committed to advancing the safe, effective, and personalized adoption of connected technologies in real-world settings.

Diversity and inclusion is at the core of what we do. We actively welcome applicants from a wealth of different backgrounds (including but not limited to race, gender, educational background, or sexual orientation). 

Elektra Labs is an equal opportunity employer.

Questions? Email for more info.

Lastly, and most importantly, our values at Elektra Labs.