Remote Backend Engineer

About us

Eleos Technologies is a growing 8-year-old company building communication software for truck drivers and field workers.

We’re helping a diverse mix of customers—from mom and pop operations to household names—improve how they communicate with their employees by tackling information overload, reducing phone calls, and eliminating obsolete technologies.

Our engineering team has been 100% distributed since day one. This means we’re tooled up to handle product, architectural, technical, and ops work all from home or remote. You won’t miss out of office conversations, and you won’t have to learn to drive a telepresence robot.

We offer robust healthcare (dental, medical, vision), paid time off, and a generous equipment budget.

About the role

You’ll be the primary caretaker of the Erlang web application powering our product, as well as collaborating Ruby on Rails services and the virtual infrastructure they run on.

Because the Erlang system has no direct user interface, you’ll work closely with our iOS, Android, and frontend web engineers to evolve the backend’s functionality to solve new problems, all while improving performance and ensuring reliability.

You’ll be helping us make our development cycles more efficient by owning the technical design and implementation of new features, extending our automated test suite to reduce the need for manual testing, and shipping fixes on a regular basis.

You’ll have opportunities to flex your skills around automated deployments, automated testing, tracing and visibility, and learn from others in a collaborative environment.

In time, you’ll also help onboard and mentor junior engineers as we grow our team.

This is a full-time position open to anyone who can work legally in the United States.

About you

We’re looking for a senior-level engineer to own the backend systems powering our product.

Key skills

    • 4+ years professional experience implementing and operating HTTP web services
    • 2+ years professional experience working with Erlang, Elixir, or another functional programming language like Clojure or Haskell
    • Or: Substantive OSS contributions in these languages, in lieu of professional experience
    • Confident use of SQL, relational storage, and key/value storage to optimize for correctness and performance
    • A willingness to mentor other engineers and to share your knowledge to help them grow
    • The ability to quickly convey ideas, opinions, and technical details in written English
    • Ability to participate in an on-call rotation to respond to and resolve (rare ⭐) major incidents and outages affecting our stack
    • Able to work 8-5 Eastern Standard Time ± 3 hours, to facilitate realtime collaboration when needed

The following aren’t requirements, but be sure to mention them if they apply to you:

    • Experience working with Amazon Web Services or one of the other major cloud providers, with an emphasis on configuration languages and infrastructure-as-code
    • Experience with Docker or other common containerization platforms
    • A working knowledge of Ruby or JavaScript

We take a “reasoned opinions, weakly held” approach to tools, and resist letting those tools define our identity. That said, we’ve had positive experiences with (and made significant investments in) the following, which does mean you’ll be working with them at least in the medium term:

Erlang/OTP (using the Cowboy and Hackney libraries heavily)
Ruby on Rails
Amazon Web Services

If this sounds like a fun challenge and your kind of environment, drop us a line and let’s talk!